Buy Coverage for Your New Treadmill, Elliptical and Other Fitness Equipment

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Never miss a workout with Upsie’s quick service.


Protect your new fitness equipment from malfunctions, defects, broken cables and more.

Eligibility limited to fitness equipment purchased on or after 4/26/22

3 Year Warranty
No Deductible
5 Year Warranty
No Deductible

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Why Choose Upsie?

Real protection made really affordable.

Price as of Oct 13, 2021 on a $1895 Peloton Bike OR $1999 NordicTrack S22i Studio Cycle. *Peloton offers a 12 month warranty extension (24 months total coverage) and a 27 month extension (39 months total coverage).

  • Compare:
  • Manufacturing Defect
  • Parts and Labor Coverage
  • In Home Service
  • Transferable to New Owners
  • 24/7 Claims
  • No Service Fees
  • 3 Year Warranty Price
  • 5 Year Warranty Price
  • Upsie
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  • $141.99
  • $230.99
  • Peloton®
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  • $185*
  • -
  • Allstate®
  • check
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  • $239.99
  • -
  • Best Buy®
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  • $264.99
  • $349.99

Upsie’s Protection Includes:


Mechanical Failure

Upsie covers manufacturer defects and non-accidental failure of motors, gears, ball bearings, internal tubing, computer chips, rotors, and other internal moving parts.


Pedal Malfunction


In-Home repair


Ball Bearing Replacement


Touch Screen Failure


Battery Failure


Bluetooth Failure


Transfer to New Owner

Repair Options :

Unlimited claims up to the purchase price of your equipment.

In-Home Repair or Replacement

We’ll help schedule a certified repair technician to come to your home and repair your fitness equipment.

If repair is not feasible on the first claim we will replace your treadmill, rowing machine, elliptical, exercise bike, or climber.

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How it Works:

Buy & Activate Your Fitness Equipment Warranty

You can buy an Upsie Warranty for your treadmill, exercise bike or other fitness equipment up to 11 months after purchase. Activate your Upsie coverage by uploading a picture or copy of your equipment receipt in your account.

Coverage Starts

Upsie's coverage overlaps with the manufacturer warranty for as long as the manufacturer warranty is active. When the manufacturer warranty ends, Upsie takes over full coverage, so your device is never without protection. (Read more in our FAQ)

Make a Claim

Claims are easy with Upsie. A real person in the USA will answer your claims calls 24/7/365. They will make a decision on the first call if the claim is covered; the only exception is if they need photo verification of the broken equipment. After the claim is approved, they will schedule a repair technician to come to your house and repair your machine.


When does the warranty coverage begin?


Upsie‘s fitness coverage starts on day one and overlaps with the manufacturer warranty. We will cover repairs or replacements the manufacturer denies that are within our warranty terms during that time. Upsie’s full coverage begins once the manufacturer warranty ends.

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"I purchased an Upsie warranty in January for my Peloton. The coverage is better than any other warranty offered and the checkout process through their website was super easy and fast. I plan to purchase Upsie warranties with many future product purchases...."

- Sarah A




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