Choose the Best Plan to Protect Your Peloton

Have you recently purchased a new Peloton system? If so, you’re not alone. Peloton is one of the most popular at-home gym systems. But with your new purchase, you’ll want to be sure to cover it with the smartest protection plan you can get. Even high-end brands like Peloton carry some risk, considering all the cables, belts, electronics, moving parts and high-stress points involved.
That said, some readers might not be familiar with Peloton. Below, you’ll find an introduction to Peloton and a few of the company's flagship products. Then you’ll see a guide on how to choose the best protection plan for your Peloton.

Introduction to Peloton

Peloton started in 2012, and it launched its first fitness bike in 2014. After that, it didn’t take long for the company to skyrocket to success.
What makes Peloton different from other stationary bike makers is the included interactive screen. This impressive innovation allows riders to participate in real, instructor-led fitness routines, all from the comfort of home. In short, Peloton gives its riders an at-home spin class experience without having to go to a spin class. And the bike isn’t bad, either: it’s a premium piece of hardware tied into a premium ecosystem.
More recently, Peloton has expanded beyond its stationary bike roots. The company introduced Peloton Tread and Peloton Tread+, which both elevate the treadmill experience in many of the same ways as the bike did.

Protection Plans for Peloton Systems

If you're looking for a protection plan for your Peloton system, you have a few options. Probably the most visible is the company's own extended warranty program, which it will try to sell to every new customer. However, Peloton's extended manufacturer's warranty isn't necessarily the best choice. Upsie offers a very competitive alternative in their protection plan. Here are the highlights of both Peloton’s and Upsie’s service agreements.

Peloton’s Extended Warranty Program

The manufacturer warranty from Peloton lasts 12 months. Peloton’s extended warranty program allows you to extend that stock coverage for either an additional 48 months. This plan costs $199 for Bike, $249 for Bike+ or Tread and $299 for the Row. Peloton will allow customers to purchase this extended coverage up to 12 months from their purchase date, however, the 48 months of coverage still starts on your original delivery date!
For this considerable cost, you get fairly standard coverage. It covers parts and labor for repairs, which include mechanical and electrical breakdowns, failures from normal wear and tear, and power issues (including power surges). The coverage specifics get complicated fast.

Upsie’s Protection Plans for Peloton

Upsie, in contrast, offers Peloton protection plans that are straightforward in terms of coverage. The company covers defects and failures, including the mechanical and electronic components of the bike and screen.
Coverage also clearly includes pedals that break due to defects, as well as ball bearing replacement (a commonly needed repair). Upsie offers in-home repairs on Peloton products as well.
Peloton owners can purchase an Upsie protection plan for Peloton Bikes, Treads or Rows they bought bought new in the last 4 YEARS. Used Pelotons are also eligible if you provide proof of a 30 day seller warranty.
Upsie’s protection plans provide simple monthly coverage for up to 4 years from the date you purchase your plan, extending coverage past what Peloton offers since their is only 4 years from your original delivery date. Coverage for a Peloton Bike. Bike+, Tread or Row costs just $4.99/mo and it's free to cancel at any time. There is also a $0 deductible on any claim so no hidden fees! Upsie plans are easy to fit in your budget and don't burden you with a large expense to purchase right after you already bought an expensive Peloton workout machine.

Upsie: The Best Protection for Peloton Systems

Upsie’s protection plan coverage for Peloton systems is impressive. For the Bike+, Tread, and Row, you'll immediately save money. (Peloton Bike with Upsie costs you $39.52 more over 4 years if you would keep the coverage the entire time. If you do not buy Peloton's protection on the delivery date, you do not get a full four years of future coverage however.) With all equipment, you’ll pay low monthly payments that fit nicely into a budget and cancel for free at any time. Plus, Upsie's coverage is more straightforward and upfront.
Ready to get covered? Check out Upsie’s Peloton Bike and Bike+ protection plans or Peloton Tread and Tread+ protection plans today.

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Updated 3/22/22

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