What is the Best NordicTrack Treadmill for Me?

Treadmills are great machines. Even Harvard Medical School’s Blog extolled the virtues of using treadmills to improve fitness. Not only do these machines offer people the chance to engage in cardio workouts in any sort of weather, they also help target key muscle groups and improve balance in a safe and customizable way.
Still, some people don’t think they can stick to working out on a treadmill because they will find their workouts too boring and predictable. They can’t imagine how simply walking or jogging on a treadmill can possibly keep their interest. NordicTrack’s innovative solution to this problem includes a WiFi-connected display screen and the iFit service. Besides offering virtual workout assistance, these treadmills also let users adjust many features of the device to suit their needs and encourage progress.
This well-known brand offers durable treadmills and packs in plenty of features. Because they offer so many choices, it’s sometimes tough to pick the best one to buy. Take a quick look at the most popular NordicTrack treadmills in order to help inform a good purchase decision.

Why Consider a NordicTrack Treadmill?

Founded almost 50 years ago, NordicTrack has established itself as a high-quality and innovative brand for fitness machines. While it’s certainly possible to find cheaper treadmills, the manufacturer keeps prices in line with established brands for the sorts of features and level of quality that they offer.
As an example, treadmill users can use iFit with a built-in tablet to join virtual classes and explore exciting geographic locations. They can also socialize with a community of other treadmill owners, and even get help from personal trainers. The iFit service can even integrate with Google Maps to let people create their own custom exercise route. To understand how this online service makes exercise productive and fun, see more ways iFit can provide the keys to getting and staying fit.
Best yet, NordicTrack owners can enjoy all of these benefits from the comfort of their own home while they’re using their treadmill. This helps keep users looking forward to their workout as a source of encouragement, community, and even entertainment. Even more, many models fold up, so people don’t need to have a large space for storage. Most models also have built-in fans to keep users cool and comfortable while they’re working out.

What is the Best NordicTrack to Buy?

Obviously, choosing the right NordicTrack treadmill could depend upon the consumer’s budget, fitness level, and goals. These highlights of various machine levels can help people narrow in on the right decision pretty quickly:
  • NordicTrack C Series: Presently, NordicTrack has begun phasing out its entry-level C series. These treadmills offer similar features as the T Series but a smaller screen, fewer built-in workouts, and an older type of motor. On the other hand, because NordicTrack intends to replace them, it’s usually easy to find some pretty good deals. People on a tight budget can get a lot for their money with the C Series.
  • NordicTrack T Series: Enjoy most of the features of the C series, including variable speeds, the ability to set the deck flat or on an incline, and a generous running or walking area. Treadmill shoppers should especially note that NordicTrack increased the screen size from seven to 14 inches for the T Series over the C Series. The T Series may provide the best choice for an entry-level treadmill that owners can enjoy for years in the future.
  • NordicTrack Commercial Series: Expect to pay from $500 to $1,000 more for a NordicTrack Commercial Series treadmill than for a comparable model from the T Series. In exchange, these machines provide better cushioning, a wider track, and more stability. They also offer a greater range of incline and even up to a three-percent decline. Because these are the kinds of machines that NordicTrack sells to gyms, they come with very durable frames and other parts. Of course, people who don’t mind investing in the best equipment buy them for home use.

Why Buy a NordicTrack Treadmill Extended Warranty?

Buying a NordicTrack treadmill can provide consumers with plenty of great benefits. Most important, they will get a high-quality machine that comes with plenty of features to keep them engaged with their workouts. At the same time, this kind of modern equipment has lots of mechanical, electrical, and electronic components. This includes motors, belts, tablet computers, heart monitors, and much more.
Even though NordicTrack has built a good reputation for quality, any complex device can suffer wear or damage over time. The manufacturer’s limited warranty helps assure customers that the equipment arrived in good shape; however, problems with these kinds of complex machines generally occur after the device has been used for several months or even a couple of years. Nobody should fear using their fitness machine just because they’re afraid something will go wrong.

Why Buy an Upsie Treadmill Warranty?

To ensure peace of mind and a steady fitness schedule, consider a NordicTrack treadmill protection plan from the warranty pros at Upsie. People who purchased their fitness machine up to 11 months ago still qualify for a warranty. With a choice of three- and five-year plans, Upsie will cover the entire machine. This includes screens, tablets, belts, motors, and batteries.
After filing a claim by phone or email at any time of the day or night, Upsie will help schedule an in-home service visit from a certified, local repair company. Go ahead and spend some time picking out the best NordicTrack treadmill or other fitness equipment. Then look at Upsie’s extended warranty details for exercise machines.

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