Compare Upsie Vs SquareTrade Extended Treadmill Warranty

Today’s most advanced treadmills don’t only come with lots of mechanical parts, they also include sophisticated electronics to help monitor workouts. Additionally, some even connect over the internet for fitness classes and trainers. These high-quality treadmills can help keep people progressing and engaged with their workouts.
For most people just sticking with a fitness routine presents the biggest obstacle to improve their health. Even the U.S. Army says that it’s not exercise intensity but consistency that will yield the best chance to get and stay fit. Still, lots of things can go wrong with these sophisticated fitness machines, so obviously malfunctioning equipment will disrupt fitness schedules.
That’s why it’s best to have a high-quality treadmill protection plan to ensure rapid, professional repairs. After that, compare Upsie and SquareTrade Treadmill warranties to find out which warranty company offers a better deal and the chance to minimize downtime.

What Are Some Common Treadmill Problems?

Treadmill owners report having these typical problems after using their treadmills for some time:
  • Displays not working: Problems with power, internet connections, batteries, or even the display screen may interfere with the proper functioning of electronics.
  • Slipping belts: Sometimes the owner or manufacturer has set the belt too tight or too loose. Poorly adjusted tension can cause damage over time.
  • Burning odors: At the first sign of a burning odor from the equipment, users should disconnect their fitness machine from power right away and have it checked for friction between the deck and belt or possible electrical shorts.

Is the Treadmill Manufacturer’s Warranty Good Enough?

Of course, manufacturers offer a short-term, limited warranty with their treadmills. As an example, the NordicTrack limited warranty only offers repairs at their authorized facilities and most of all, won’t pay for any damages caused by the use of the machine or the environment it’s in. It’s really only meant to provide assurance that the machine arrived in good condition free from manufacturing defects.
As an example, the machine might suffer a short because of a power surge or an improperly adjusted belt could cause wear and slippage. In these cases, the owner could have to pay for repairs themselves.

Upsie Vs. SquareTrade Extended Warranties

To better protect an investment in fitness equipment like treadmills, prudent owners may want to purchase an extended warranty. Note that SquareTrade had already started offering warranties before Upsie’s founding, but Upsie started as a way to offer a better solution for consumers who wanted a more transparent and user-friendly solution.
Take a look at this list to compare some features of Upsie treadmill extended warranties to SquareTrade:
  • More choices: Upsie offers the choice of a three- or five-year protection plan, but SquareTrade only offers a three-year plan. When people invest hundreds of dollars in a high-quality exercise machine, they probably intend to use it for several years.
  • Lower prices: An Upsie three-year warranty costs about half the price of a SquareTrade plan. Lower warranty prices can mean that people have more money to invest in their equipment.
  • Better coverage and experience: Upsie goes out of their way to ensure they have the best coverage and easiest claim process.

What Does an Upsie Treadmill Warranty Cover?

Nobody wants to box up their treadmill to send it to a service center. That’s why Upsie will send certified repair people to the home to diagnose and repair problems. In the rare case that repairs don’t make sense, Upsie will even offer to have a new treadmill delivered.
Even better, the warranty covers mechanical, screen and device, connectivity, and electrical problems. This includes motors, touchscreens, batteries, and more. To start a new claim, Upsie customers can call 24-7 to speak with a live representative or login to their account.

How to Get Upsie Treadmill Protection

Customers have up to 11 months to buy and register Upsie protection plans after buying their fitness equipment. Besides treadmills, Upsie also protects stationary bikes, elliptical trainers, and other kinds of exercise machines. It is important to save a digital copy of the purchase receipt to Upsie’s website when you purchase your warranty and activate your plan.
Coverage begins on the first day and overlaps with manufacturer warranty at first. For instance, if the manufacturer warranty covers a repair, the Upsie representatives will advise customers to use that; otherwise, the customers can rely upon Upsie. Always, Upsie will assist in any way that they can. As soon as the limited warranty ends, Upsie’s full coverage starts.
Enjoy all of the benefits of an advanced fitness machine and Upsie coverage by visiting the exercise equipment extended warranty page.

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