Compare the Best ProForm Versus NordicTrack Treadmills

Consumer Reports reported that treadmills offer one of the most popular and effective ways to work out at home. ProForm and NordicTrack are two of the most popular brands. At the same time, the publication advised people to use treadmills safely.
For instance:
  • Beginners should start with a flat incline and a speed of only two to three miles per hour until they feel comfortable navigating the moving belt under their feet and using the controls.
  • After familiarizing themselves with the fitness machine, people who haven’t exercised much recently should only slowly increase speed as they progress in their fitness journey.
  • Also, take the time to understand safety cautions and features. For example, some models provide a safety key that clips onto clothes and immediately stops the machine if the user falls.
With these cautions in mind, treadmills still offer a relatively safe way to exercise, especially when compared to dodging traffic when jogging or cycling out on the street. Working out at home also provides more convenience than driving to a fitness club. For the best experience using a treadmill, be certain to research brands and models to choose a durable and effective model.

Top Treadmills: NordicTrack Commercial 2950 Vs. ProForm Pro2000

ICON Health and Fitness owns both NordicTrack and ProForm. Thus, fitness machines from either brand share some features, like compatibility with iFit, an online platform that offers fitness coaching, progress tracking, and other valuable features. Both brands also produce an incredible variety of exercise machines, including treadmills. NordicTrack and ProForm have also earned solid reputations for their durable builds and engaging features.
CNET highlighted the NordicTrack Commercial 2950 and the ProForm Pro2000 on their list of the best treadmills in 2022, so they offer good examples of these two sister company’s products to compare. The treadmills earned a mention in the CNET ranking for different reasons. For example:
  • NordicTrack Commercial 2950: Highlighted as the best smart treadmill
  • ProForm Pro2000: Mentioned as the best value for budget-minded consumers.
The Commercial 2950 retails for about $2,300, and the Pro2000 sells for about $1,500. Even though the NordicTrack treadmill costs considerably more than the ProForm, it’s hardly the most expensive smart treadmill on the market. But the ProForm stands out as one of the most affordable options.
Both machines have a top speed of 12MPH and a maximum weight allowance of 300 pounds, but the NordicTrack allows for a slightly greater incline. The NordicTrack machine has a large, 22-inch display and allows iFit coaching to take over the controls.
The ProForm offers a 10-inch screen but offers many of the same iFit features. The ProForm also takes up less space, so it might provide an attractive option for people who want to save money and room. Both machines appear durable and comfortable to use.

The Best NordicTrack and Proform Treadmill Protection Plans

Maintaining a regular workout schedule is key to enjoying fitness progress with a treadmill. People who plan to invest thousands in their fitness won’t want to leave their progress to chance. ProForm and NordicTrack make and sell excellent treadmills, but trust the treadmill’s extended warranty to Upsie.
For example:
  • This warranty company’s low prices won’t threaten budgets or mean putting up with inconvenience.
  • Upsie’s 24-7 live claims by phone and $0-deductible, in-home repairs means Upsie customers don’t need to wait for service.
  • Upsie covers damage to all treadmill parts, including the motor, belts, connected device, screen, controls, and more.
  • Upsie offers a choice of three- and five-year warranties, and the company gives new customers up to 11 months to enroll.
People who want to work out at home should take some time to compare fitness equipment. Besides ProForm and NordicTrack, Sole, Assault, and Bowflex also produce high-quality treadmills. Even better, Upsie offers protection plans for various treadmills and other fitness equipment. No matter what type or brand they choose, an Upsie extended warranty will ensure that they perform well.

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