Five Reasons to Buy a Rowing Machine

Home gym equipment is now more popular than ever. Recent events have seen all of us change how we live, work, and socialize. With gyms closed for extended periods, many individuals have also sought new ways to stay in shape. As a result, sales of stationary bikes, elliptical trainers, and treadmills have soared recently.
However, solutions from Peloton and SoulCycle are extremely costly. SoulCycle’s at-home bike, for example, costs $2,500. A pair of clip-in cycling shoes is an additional $175 while subscribing to the brand’s on-demand library of workouts and live classes costs a further $39.99 per month.
Thankfully, various more affordable alternatives are available that are just as effective. While cheaper bikes and treadmills often fail to live up to expectations, there’s great value to be had elsewhere. A perfect case in point is rowing machines. Best-selling versions like the Stamina ATS Air Rower cost around $300.
That’s less than one-fifth of the price of even entry-level equipment from Peloton and similar big brands. Rowing machines also provide a fantastic workout. With that, here are five reasons to buy a rowing machine.

Why You Should Buy a Rowing Machine

Rowing machines aren’t only more affordable than lots of other pieces of home gym equipment. In addition, all rowing machines boast a plethora of benefits across the board for those looking to keep fit. Here’s a closer look at just a handful of standout perks.

Rowing Machines Provide a Full-Body Workout

As we’ve already touched on briefly, rowing machines offer a fantastic workout. Unlike with many pieces of gym equipment, exercise completed on a rowing machine impacts the entire body. Rowing machines work over 85 percent of the body.

Rowing Machines Take Up Relatively Little Space

With a rowing machine, you can get a great workout while saving space. Rowing machines offer a workout that may otherwise involve two or more different forms of equipment. While this doesn’t pose a particular issue in the gym, where dozens of machines are on offer, it’s an important factor at home.
If space is at a premium, a rowing machine is ideal. Most models are easy to stow away, too – something that’s more difficult with, for example, a typical treadmill.

Rowing Machines Burn Plenty of Calories

The workout provided by a rowing machine may not look too full-on. But don’t let appearances fool you. The combination of cardio and strength training provided by such machines can burn up to 500 calories per hour. Minute for minute, that’s roughly on par with using a stationary bike or moving at a reasonable pace on a treadmill.

Rowing Machines Are Great for Low-Impact Exercise

Not only do rowing machines burn plenty of calories, but they do so in a manner that’s low impact. Running on a treadmill places significant strain on your knees. Other pieces of equipment are further notorious for putting similar pressure on countless different body parts.
Rowing machines are much more gentle on the body’s joints. They also pose a lower injury risk overall than many alternatives.

Rowing Machines Promote Great Posture

Another major benefit of all rowing machines is their ability to promote improved posture. Again, rowing machines do this better than almost any other form of fitness equipment. Working the legs, back, and core, rowing machines engage what’s known as the posterior chain – essential for good posture.
It’s an important consideration for anyone and can further help to improve poor balance. However, posture and balance are especially crucial as we age. By that token, regular workouts on a rowing machine at any age can have untold future benefits. At the same time, rowing training is also a great workout for older individuals, especially as the intensity of the exercise is easily adjustable.

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