Find a Rowing Machine for Your Fitness Needs and Budget

Have you ever noticed the rowing machine in the corner of your gym and wondered if it might benefit your health and fitness? The answer: it definitely has that potential and likely will. Like most fitness enthusiasts, you probably want something that provides a full-body cardio workout that also offers strength benefits. A rowing machine ticks off every box.
A high-quality rowing machine is a great option, provided you find and buy the right one in terms of quality, specifications that will help you meet your fitness goals, and one that comes with an extended warranty that keeps you cruising along for years to come.

Navigating the Rowing Machine Market

Do you need help deciding which rowing machine is right for your fitness goals and budget? Is available space an issue for your home gym? If so, keep reading to learn more about two of the best rowing machines available in 2021.

Nordic Track RW900 Rower

Released in mid-2020 and still going strong in popularity for residential consumers, this rowing machine will get you started on an exciting spring fitness regimen. One of the driving features of this smooth-gliding rower is that it gives you the chance to take classes on-demand with one-year of iFit family membership included (a $468 value). iFit can help challenge yourself with fitness pursuits beyond cardio, such as guided yoga and strength training workouts.
Here are some top features and specifications for this Nordic machine:
  • 22-inch rotating, interactive smart touchscreen where you see your real-time instructor guiding you through high-intensity sessions or low-key glides.
  • 30 built-in programs and 12,000 workout sessions through iFit Coach that get you started at your current fitness level and help you build to the fitness you dream of.
  • Various virtual waterways let you get out of your home gym and let your imagination roam freely while you get in a great workout.
  • Dual resistance allows you to adjust the resistance depending on your instructor’s workout and your goals.
  • 26 resistance levels give even the fittest athletes a tough workout.
  • Silent magnetic and air resistance combinations allow you to exercise in quiet.
  • Weight capacity of up to 250lbs.
  • It folds in half when not in use for easy storage and economical use of space.
With all these benefits, you might expect a few drawbacks on this machine, such as a heavy front-end because of the large screen, but with good care, you can keep it safe. This rower comes at a higher price tag when it comes to home equipment at $1,599. However, with a high-quality extended fitness warranty from Upsie, you can feel confident that your rower will serve you well for several years and countless workouts.

ProForm 750R Rower

At a slightly more budget-friendly price point of $999, the ProForm 750R Rower offers at-home exercisers a great experience with many of the same essential features as more expensive brands and models. Instead of a one-year free subscription to iFit Coach, ProForm offers a three-year special to guide your workouts for several years to help you build and maintain top fitness.
Here are some top features and specifications for the ProForm 750R:
  • 5-inch high-contrast display console that comes with a tablet holder and adjustable clip.
  • Well-designed and comfortable with an ergonomic, molded seat and an oversized steel seat rail.
  • Wide ergonomic pedals that prevent your feet from feeling squeezed too tightly while also keeping them in place.
  • Multiple-positioned handlebars to allow for different arm focus.
  • The SpaceSaver Design allows for easy fold-up and storage after each workout.
  • 250lb weight capacity.
  • 90-inch handlebar pull strap gives you plenty of length for a full rowing drive.
  • Rower automatically adjusts per the iFit instructor’s cues.
The ProForm 750R rower proves that buying a piece of fitness equipment at a budget price doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice quality or fitness.

Which Rowing Machine Seems Right for You?

In either case, a rowing machine is a big investment. Fortunately, you have options that fit your goals and spending limit. With both machines, you can enjoy space-saving design and top training. It’s a matter of deciding what type of screen and other design features you need or want.
Regardless of which rower you choose, make sure to protect your purchase with an Upsie extended warranty. Each machine requires ongoing maintenance for its life to make sure belts and other mechanical parts stay in good shape. It’s also important to think about the screens and complex electronics built into each machine – there are endless reasons to invest in a warranty for your rower.
If you need more information on warranties for fitness equipment or other consumer electronics, contact the Upsie customer service team.

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