Allstate (SquareTrade) Vs. Upsie Headphone Warranties

9To5Mac, a popular blog dedicated to Apple products, found that Apple increased their price for repairing AirPods to $89 per earbud. The same cost applies to the charging case. Since third-generation AirPods start at about $180, users might have to pay as much or more for repairs than it cost to buy these products new.
Even more, AppleCare+ limits some covered repairs to two claims each year. Since it’s all too easy to damage earbuds, limiting the number of claims is simply not practical.

The Importance of Extended Warranties for High-Quality Earbuds and Headphones

The latest AirPods offer all sorts of advanced features that can make them well worth the investment. At the same time, people who purchase pricier headphones or earbuds should get affordable protection plans that will fully protect their investment. People with Upsie coverage won’t have to hesitate before making a claim to get a repair done. Warranty protection also helps keep these sophisticated devices in people’s ears and out of the trash.

Compare Allstate SquareTrade Vs. Upsie for Headphone Extended Warranties

Two third-party warranty companies with good reputations include Upsie and Allstate Protection Plans (formerly SquareTrade). The FTC made it clear that customers don’t need to purchase warranties from the original manufacturer or retailer. So, prudent consumers should compare these popular brands before making a purchase decision. Both plans cover almost all components of earbuds or headphones, including power supplies, mechanical parts, and electrical or electronic components.
Start with the example of SquareTrade warranty coverage for 3G Airpods that retail for about $179:
  • The standard plan covers repairs if the product develops problems on its own during everyday use. It costs $34.99 for three years of protection and doesn’t cover accidents, like drops or spills
  • The accident plan adds in coverage for accidental damage. Three years of coverage will cost $54.99.
In contrast, all Upsie headphone and earbud warranties include protection against accidental damage. Furthermore, Upsie offers its customers a choice between two- and three-year plans. A two-year warranty costs $25.99, and a three-year plan costs $37.90. In other words, the comprehensive plan from Upsie includes repairs for accidental damage and costs less than the SquareTrade plan.

Upsie Charges Less Without Skimping on Coverage and Services

How can Upsie charge less and offer first-class protection and service? For most retailers and manufacturers, extended warranties provide an extra stream of revenue but do not make up the company’s main business. That means warranty companies need to charge enough to fund commissions for the places that sell their coverage.
In contrast, Upsie takes advantage of digital technology and a direct sales model to operate more efficiently. In turn, Upsie can charge less and offer more benefits. Also, Upsie only focuses on the warranty business, so they set very high standards for themselves and their customers.

Benefits of Upsie Headphone Warranties

Upsie provides its customers with robust protection against defects, wear, or accidents for headphones and earbuds. The company’s 24-7 claims service, and weekday customer service, will expedite repairs and answer questions. Covered repairs include problems that stem from accidental drops or spills, power surges, and various mechanical or electronic components.
To learn more, visit Upsie’s headphone and earbud warranty page. Besides Apple AirPods, Upsie covers other major brands of headphones and earbuds. Spend money on high-quality electronics, but save money on better warranty coverage with Upsie.

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