The Best Headphones Warranty or Insurance Plan

You probably love your headphones. Many people listen to their favorite music, podcasts, or radio programs at least part of the time. A high-quality pair of headphones can personalize any listening experience. They help keep out distracting, ambient noise while offering a deep, rich, and comforting sound. While headphones have been popular for well over 50 years, there was a sudden 32% surge in headphones popularity around 2012 that hasn’t stopped.
The unfortunate part is that most of us tend to cycle through headphones, unless they cost a good deal of money. Then, people are nearly afraid to use them for fear of damaging them on the train or getting them wet while walking home, notes CNet. The best solution is to find the best headphones warranty or insurance to cover any issues that might come up.
The question is which headphones warranty or insurance is the best. Keep reading to learn what you can do to keep your headphones ready to feed your favorite sounds directly into your ears without any disturbance or interference.

No One Breaks Headphones on Purpose: The Best Warranty Providers Understand This

Most people listen to headphones while on the go or throughout the day at work. The chances of catching the cord on a doorknob or dropping your headphones while in the gym aren’t all that unusual or unexpected.
Fortunately, some warranty providers understand all the paces you put your headphones through. They’ll happily help keep your music flowing without worrying exactly why your headphones stopped working. Accidents happen, and so do manufacturer’s flaws that sometimes occur independently of your treatment of your headphones. Further, a manufacturer flaw might even accentuate any problems you have, making your headphones malfunction with only a slight incident.

Not Every Warranty Company Will Make You Jump Through Hoops of Fire…But Some Do

You might have heard or read stories about customers being inconvenienced when their headphones stop working. According to The Verge, it’s enough to make consumers say “forget it” and buy a new pair of headphones. But even at a lower price point, that kind of strategy can cost a lot of money.

What Is the Best Headphones Warranty or Insurance?

Many people assume the best strategy for buying an extended warranty for headphones is to go with the manufacturer. That might seem the logical choice for various reasons, such as knowing their product better than anyone else since they built it. However, their interest is also closely associated with preserving their profits and brand reputation. If they quickly lie down and give you your rightful warranty coverage, they might see it as a sign of defeat. And probably more likely, they don’t want to cut into their profits, even if you paid the fair price of the warranty and complied with the terms of their warranty.
Further, you might also realize that box stores and online sellers like Best Buy, Staples, or Amazon—companies from whom you might have purchased your headphones—also have their own interests that have nothing to do with your satisfaction. These companies often sell you a warranty for your headphones to add to their profits. Since they sell such a broad range of products from various brands, they hardly have expertise in headphones. You might get lucky with one of these companies, but again, you’re more likely to run into a situation where they want to hold out in hopes that you’ll give up and make another purchase.
While some manufacturers and retailers defy these scenarios, the truth is it happens too often. Ask friends, family and strangers about their retailer warranty claims experiences. It’s likely they were denied coverage, which makes one wonder what the purpose is of investing in their questionable insurance offerings?

Upsie Offers You the Best Headphone Warranties and Insurance

Upsie warranties give you the same high-caliber insurance policies that major manufacturers and retailers use, but they do it at a price you can afford. Furthermore, when you need to tap into your warranty coverage, they make claims easy and stress-free. If you experience issues, call the Upsie customer service team to discuss what’s going on. Together, you can work to determine the best strategy for repairing or replacing your headphones. Let Upsie help keep the sound flowing to you personally.

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