Amazfit Zenbuds Versus Bose Sleepbuds II

Sadly, lots of people think of a good night’s sleep as a luxury. According to WebMD, common sources of insomnia include irregular work hours, stress, family responsibilities, and some medications or physical and mental illnesses. Unfortunately, a lack of sleep can make problems worse by disrupting work or school performance and increasing the risk of accidents, mood problems, and diseases.

Are Sleep Problems Serious?

Instead of thinking of sleep as a luxury, people should consider it a necessary ingredient for good health. The latest sleep earbuds might offer a surprising solution to insomnia. Unlike simple earplugs, they use advanced technology to create a comfortable sleeping environment and help users enjoy better productivity and relaxation when they’re awake.

Compare Amazfit Zenbuds Versus Bose Sleepbuds II

The Amazfit Zenbuds and Bose Sleepbuds II share many features. However, purchasers should understand that neither of these products functions like the typical sort of earbuds that people buy to stream music.
Instead, they rely on connectivity and processing power to play soothing sounds or create a quiet environment. In addition, the devices connect to smartphone apps that let users choose settings and features.
Examples of other features that these two brands share include:
  • The manufacturers designed both of these ergonomic, lightweight earbuds to assist with sleep. While they look like typical earbuds, their engineers created a more secure design to keep them from falling out when sleepers toss and turn.
  • Both devices fit deeper into the air canal than typical earbuds. They also each have a mushroom-shaped top to block out sounds.
  • These earbuds also come with a charging case that should provide them with plenty of power to last during an entire sleep period.
  • Both brands offer sound-masking technology to ensure a quiet rest.
  • The earbuds offer some additional features, like call alerts.
The Amazfit has more features than the Bose, including wake-time focusing apps, a personal assistant, and sleep monitoring. Some examples include a Pomodoro timer to improve productivity and breathing exercises to help relax during the day. In addition, both earbuds have wake-up alarms that only the sleeper can hear and various white-noise choices.
The Bose Sleepbuds II retail for about $249. The latest version of the Amazfit Smart Sleep Zenbuds sells for $349. Over the decades, Bose earned an excellent reputation for speakers and other sound equipment. Amazfit is a new company, but they have gained recognition for a variety of electronics. The best choice between brands might depend upon budgets and preferences.

The Best Sleep Earbuds Extended Warranties

Just like regular earbuds and headphones, sleep earbuds rely upon advanced technology and wireless connectivity. Sadly, these tiny devices suffer from the same vulnerabilities as typical earbuds because they’re small, lightweight, and sensitive. Repair bills can be costly because the technician must diagnose and repair damage to both earbuds and the charging case.
Luckily, Upsie offers an affordable earbuds warranty to prevent unexpected repair bills if something goes wrong. These comprehensive warranties protect your earbuds from accidental damage, manufacturing defects, power issues, and more. In addition, customers gain access to 24-7 live claims by phone and unlimited claims up to the purchase price of the earbuds. When repairs don’t make sense, Upsie even offers replacements.
Effective sleep earbuds cost a few hundred dollars, but of course, a good night’s sleep doesn’t have a price. If the devices help solve sleep issues, they will pay for themselves many times over. Similarly, an affordable extended warranty can pay for itself with the cost of just one repair.

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