JBL Reflect Flow PRO Earbuds Full Specs

Are you looking to work up a sweat without compromising on sound when listening to music? Then JBL could have the answer. Waterproof and sweat-resistant earbuds are nothing new, of course. Yet, few headphone manufacturers have genuinely nailed combining high-level fitness training and superior sound quality.
More often than not, a product will excel in one area but fall short in another. And it’s with that in mind that JBL has come up with its brand-new, fitness-focused Reflect Flow PRO earbuds. First unveiled at the end of September, they’re now available to order for $180.
But what’s so special? According to early reviews from the likes of TechRadar and TechAdvisor, plenty, it seems. To demonstrate, here’s a closer look at the full specs behind JBL’s newly released Reflect Flow PRO earbuds.

JBL Reflect Flow PRO Full Specs

JBL’s Reflect Flow PRO earbuds follow the manufacturer’s popular but more basic, standard-edition Reflect Flow. However, the newer, costlier model improves upon the original in several areas, whether listening to music or taking calls. Improvements include the addition of bigger drivers, adaptive noise-canceling technology, IP68-rated waterproofing, and enhancements in fit and battery life.
Their brand-new Reflect Flow PRO earbuds come to the market with the following features:
  • Large 6.8mm drivers
  • IP68-rated waterproofing
  • Up to 30 hours of playback
  • Secure wings for an unrivaled fit
  • Adaptive noise cancellation
  • One-touch JBL Smart Ambient mode
  • Six microphones for maximum voice clarity
  • Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant integration
  • Black, blue, white, and pink color options
It’s worth noting that, at launch, the new Reflect Flow PROs from JBL are more than twice the price of the original, since-discounted $75 non-PRO Reflect Flow earbuds. To understand and better appreciate this $105 premium, it’s a good idea to delve further into what makes the Reflect Flow PROs special.

Large 6.8mm Drivers

The impressive 6.8mm drivers found in JBL’s Reflect Flow PROs produce solid, balanced, and rich sound with deep bass and excellent levels of detail. On par with many more expensive alternatives, this improvement also sets them well ahead of their predecessor in terms of sound quality.

Adaptive Noise Cancellation

Adaptive noise-canceling technology is far from groundbreaking in 2021, but JBL’s Reflect Flow PROs do it exceptionally well. It’s an important consideration where absolute focus is vital, such as while training hard in the gym or elsewhere. Accordingly, it’s a key selling point, especially when compared to the standard Reflect Flow earbuds, which lack any form of noise-canceling functionality.

IP68-Rated Waterproofing

One of the most significant benefits of choosing JBL’s Reflect Flow PRO earbuds is their IP68 rating. This rating means that they’re fully waterproof and dust-tight. Consequently, there’s no need to worry about going for a run in even torrential rain. It also means that, after a workout, it’s perfectly fine to rinse them off under a tap. Complete resistance to the ingress of dust is a further perk, too.

Secure Wings for an Unrivaled Fit

JBL says that its latest fitness-focused earbuds are among its best-fitting ever. A combination of different tips and so-called stabilizers or wings are included with each pair, designed to suit ears of all shapes and sizes. As a result, the Reflect Flow PROs promise a snug, comfortable, and secure fit, even when running over difficult terrain or sweating profusely in the gym.

Up to 30 Hours of Playback

Between the JBL Reflect Flow PROs and their case, there’s up to 30 hours of power on offer from a single charge. The headphones themselves are good for ten hours of continuous playback, reduced to eight with their adaptive noise-canceling feature turned on. The earbuds’ case offers two further charges of up to ten hours apiece.

JBL Reflect Flow PRO Price

There’s no escaping the fact that, at $180, the JBL Reflect Flow PROs are significantly more expensive than their existing Reflect Flow stablemate. That said, the original JBL Reflect Flows were costlier at launch. As such, it’s entirely likely that the Reflect Flow PROs, too, will come down in price in due course.
However, for now, they’re firmly up against the likes of Apple’s entry-level AirPods and Samsung’s Galaxy Buds Pro. Two best-sellers, the comparable Apple and Samsung products cost between $160 and $200, versus the $180 cost of JBL’s Reflect Flow PROs.
Neither targets fitness, though. With that, the latest JBL offering represents perhaps the most obvious choice in this price range for those looking to work up a sweat without compromising on sound quality and other must-have features.

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