What Happened to the Apple AirPods 3 Earbuds Release?

CNET quoted an Apple analyst who predicted that the tech giant would debut AirPods 3 at the September event, along with the iPhone 13, iPad Mini 6, and other new products. But that didn’t happen.
The company will probably hold one more announcement event later in the fall. However, Apple watchers still expect to see these new earbuds before the end of the year. It looks likely that marketers will want to release these products in time for the holidays to give shoppers a chance to pick up a moderately priced gift for Apple fans in their family or social circles.
Even though the tech company skipped a formal announcement about AirPods 3, determined sleuths have uncovered plenty of leaks and informed speculation. Find out what to expect from Apple’s upcoming AirPods 3 release.

What’s Known or Suspected About Apple AirPods 3

At least a couple of well-known leakers displayed images that suggest Apple AirPods 3 will resemble the current Airpods Pro. Bloomberg supported these leaks with their own reports that the AirPods 3 will include interchangeable tips and a shorter stem.
Bloomberg also mentioned that AirPods Pro would get a more compact design and might even eliminate stems. This means newer versions of either AirPods 3 or AirPods Pro won’t resemble each other that much in the future.
Apple will probably introduce some sound-quality improvements to AirPods 3. For example, the company is rumored to include spatial audio in this release. In addition, spatial audio offers a surround-sound experience. Users will have the ability to tell which direction a specific sound emanates from.
If this rumor proves true, AirPods 3 will provide a much more immersive experience, though Apple probably will not add active noise cancellation to this model.

How Much Will Apple AirPods Cost When Released?

Nobody knows if Apple will continue to offer a wired charging case. If so, AirPods 3 might start at about $159, or the starting price of the previous model. On the other hand, if Apple only offers a wireless case, the product will probably start at about $200.
Some analysts speculated that Apple would continue to promote AirPods 2 after releasing AirPods 3. That’s why these industry watchers believe AirPods 3 might cost somewhat more. However, Apple has established a track record for reducing the price of previous models after releasing updates, so this speculation appears to contradict the company’s usual release strategy.

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