Compare Beats by Dr. Dre Fit Pro Versus Apple Airpods 3

The winner of a comparison of Airpods 3 and Beats Fit Pro might surprise some Apple fans. Apple owns Beats, and these two brands tend to borrow from each other, but which of these earbuds offers the best value?

Compare Beats Fit Pro Versus Apple Airpods 3 as Airpods Pro Alternatives

Apple Airpods Pro costs about $250. In contrast, the Beats Fit Pro retails for $199, and AirPods 3 costs $179. Either alternative offers good performance for considerably less money than Apple’s premium earbuds. Some people might feel surprised that Apple priced Airpods 3 lower than the Beats Fit Pro. However, the Beats product provides more features for the additional $20.
CNN called the Beats Fit Pro the clear choice compared to Airpods 3 from their perspective. Reasons for this decision include:
  • Three sets of soft tips in varying sizes for a perfect, comfortable fit
  • Active noise cancellation for blocking external noises
  • Transparency mode for amplifying external audio
Beat Fits Pro offers many features included in the more expensive Airpods Pro that Airpods 3 lacks. In contrast, Airpods 3 look and fit more like Airpods Pro, and the Beats model has a more sporty design. In addition, these earbuds both include impressive audio quality, Adaptive EQ, and Spatial Audio. Both choices also work very well with Apple devices, but the Beats Fit Pro’s Android app provides more features outside of the Apple ecosystem.
In contrast, Airpods 3 look and fit more like Airpods Pro. These earbuds fit a little looser than Fit Pro, and some people find this style more comfortable. The Airpods 3 also comes with a much smaller charging case, and this case can charge wirelessly, unlike the Beats Fit Pro case.

Are Airpods 3 or Beats Fit Pro a Better Value?

It might seem odd that two earbuds from the same parent company appear to compete against each other with similar prices and many of the same features. However, it seems that Apple planned to target somewhat different markets with these two products.
The sportier design and tighter fit might make Beats Fit Pro a better choice for people who plan to wear their earbuds while they exercise. In contrast, the looser feel of Airpods 3 could make them more comfortable for wearing during a commute, seated at a desk for work, or around the house.
Mashable’s take on the comparison included an observation that the most significant reasons to buy Airpods 3 included saving $20 and getting a wireless charging case. In contrast, Fit Pro offers extra features and better functionality outside the Apple ecosystem.

Get Better Protection for Beats Fit Pro or Airpods 3

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