The Best Extended Warranty for New Raycon Earbuds

Since Raycon’s founding about five years ago, the company has grown rapidly and earned an excellent reputation for producing durable, high-performing earbuds. However, according to lists of top earbud companies, Raycon doesn’t rank at the top with Apple, Sony, Samsung, and Jabra.
At the same time, this new company still gets mentioned as a prominent brand and has gained a lot of exposure on social media. The company brands its products sensibly and transparently. For instance, product names for earbuds like The Everyday, The Fitness, and The Work leave no doubt about their target market.

Do Raycon Earbuds Need an Extended Warranty?

Raycon provides customers with a limited warranty upon purchase. This protection only covers defects for one year. It explicitly excludes damage caused by wear and tear or accidents. Even though Raycon earbuds generally offer good value, their small size, sophistication, and portability make them vulnerable to the types of hazards that threaten similar small devices.
The tiny earbuds might get dropped on the sidewalk or submerged in water, accidents the limited warranty excludes. Consumer Reports says common issues also include frayed parts or worn ports. Since these fall into the category of “wear and tear,” the limited warranty won’t offer to repair them.
Meanwhile, repairs can easily cost $70, or almost the price of a new pair. As a result, many people never bother to seek repairs because they don’t think it’s worth the money and trouble. Instead, they simply replace their devices, wasting money and resources.
For earbuds and other electronics, consumers should consider the protection offered by a high-quality extended warranty. An extended warranty from a reliable provider can cover these types of hazards and extend the protection period.

How to Buy Raycon Earbud Extended Warranties

Extended warranties can offer a convenient and affordable way to prevent unexpected repair bills. At the same time, problems with many extended warranties include high cost, hassles when filing claims, and fine print. In addition, retail warranty companies generally pay commissions to their partners, so these plans cost a lot for what they offer.
In contrast, consider Upsie:
  • Upsie’s prices and terms for Raycon earbud extended warranties are extremely clear on the website.
  • Upsie only charges a $25 deductible for covered repairs.
  • Customers have a choice of certified local or mail-in repairs, and the company pays for two-way, two-day shipping.
  • Upsie coverage includes damage from wear, accidents, and defects.
  • Upsie’s direct-to-customer sales model lets it pass on lower costs to customers with better service and lower prices.
If all of these benefits don’t make Upsie easy enough to use, the company also provides its customers with 24-7 claims representatives by phone. These representatives will assist customers with the claims process and help arrange service.
Upsie makes getting started with an earbud protection plan easy too:
  • Browse Upsie’s intuitive website for plans, prices, and coverage details.
  • Choose a two-year or three-year protection plan for headphones and earbuds bought in the last 60 days.
  • Provide a digital copy of the sales receipt of purchase.
  • Rest assured knowing that Upsie has your valuable earbuds covered. If the company decides repairs aren’t feasible, it will replace the earbuds.
In addition to Raycon earbuds, Upsie also covers other brands of earbuds and headphones, smartphones, tablets, PCs, and more. Upsie also allows warranty owners to transfer remaining coverage to new owners, and the company also covers qualified refurbished or used electronics.
Don’t impulsively sign up for an extended warranty offered by a retailer. Instead, check out Upsie.

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