Raycon Earbuds Compared: Everyday, Performer, Work

A rising star in the wireless audio space, Raycon‘s range of earbuds now extends to three models: Everyday, Performer and Work. All models promise inspirational audio experiences for all, with prices starting from just $79.
Now a little over three years old, Raycon has made a name for itself by designing premium wireless earbuds and headphones that are comfortable, bass-heavy, and less expensive than many of its competitors.
The brand is the brainchild of singer, songwriter, rapper, television personality, actor, and entrepreneur Ray J. He and his team reportedly established Raycon to show the world that premium sound can be affordable.

Raycon Earbuds Compared

The Raycon earbuds line-up currently includes three models. First, there’s the entry-level Everyday option. It’s then followed by the brand’s top-selling Performer earbuds with wireless charging.
Meanwhile, at the upper end of the range is the Work version – Raycon’s most expensive earbuds with noise-canceling technology. It’s designed to be loud and clear, including on calls and video chats.
To work out which Raycon earbuds model is the best, it’s necessary to take a closer look at what’s on offer.

Raycon Everyday Earbuds

Raycon’s Everyday earbuds are the company’s most compact design, built for the day-to-day grind. They cost $79 and come in four colors including Carbon Black, Electric Blue, Rose Gold, and Frost White.
Features include:
  • Customizable soft gel tips
  • A single microphone
  • High-performance drivers
  • Six-hour battery life
  • Up to 32 hours of power is available from the charging capsule
The Everyday earbuds are also known as Raycon E25s. They are the entry-level product for everyday use, including when commuting or studying. For an upgraded or more active daily listen, Raycon’s more expensive Performer earbuds are recommended.
That said, Raycon’s E25 Everyday earbuds are a reasonable budget option at under $80. They look the part, too, and are noticeably less obtrusive than entry-level models from many other manufacturers.
Sound quality is on par with similarly priced alternatives. However, not everyone will like the bass-heavy trademark of these and all other Raycon earbuds.
In terms of controls, things are straightforward, and while Raycon’s Everyday earbuds are sweat-resistant, they’re not fully waterproof.

Raycon Performer Earbuds

The Performer earbuds from Raycon are the company’s top-selling product across its range. A more ergonomic design and the addition of a wireless charging case set them apart from the more inexpensive Everyday model.
Of course, these improvements come at a cost. In fact, Raycon’s Performer earbuds are around 50 percent more expensive than the entry-level option at $79. For that, buyers also get an upgraded chipset for high-fidelity sound, whether listening to music or enjoying a podcast.
Battery life, though, remains much the same, and just two color choices are available on the E55 variant – Carbon Black and Electric Blue.
There’s little else to set the two apart besides the more expensive E55’s wireless charging case. Again, and somewhat oddly, Raycon predominantly recommends its Performer earbuds for commuting and studying, and, this time, points more active listeners toward its Work option.

Raycon Work Earbuds

With nowhere else to upsell buyers, Raycon’s Work earbuds represent its most expensive, range-topping model. Another $30 buys active noise-canceling technology and the addition of five extra microphones for six in total. As the name suggests, this model is designed for work. They’re touted to be perfect for making crystal clear calls and taking part in video chats.
The Raycon’s E85 Work earbuds come with a larger, bulkier magnetizing carrying and wireless charging case. Yet, once again, battery life remains largely in line with the two cheaper variants in the Raycon range.
However, the Work model’s $149 price tag does also buy the addition of an extra three pairs of foam tips, if nothing else. Color options are the same as on the entry-level E25 offering, including Frost White, Electric Blue and Rose Gold.

Which Raycon Earbuds to Buy

With relatively little to truly set the three models apart, Raycon’s most basic E25 Everyday earbuds seem like the obvious choice. While the sound is marginally better on the more expensive E55 and E85 options, it’s tough to justify spending between $50 and $80 more on what’s ultimately a very similar product.
Raycon’s Everyday earbuds live up to their name nicely, as they are the lightest and most compact model. It makes them a good, inexpensive all-round option for the daily grind costing just a dollar shy of $150.
If a wireless charging case is an important factor, either of the two more expensive variants would be a better proposition. At the same time, there are potentially much better alternatives out there, including Samsung’s Galaxy Buds+.

Raycon Earbuds Warranty and Satisfaction Guarantee

All Raycon earbuds boast a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee. With that, buyers can return their purchase at any point within 45 days for a full refund if they’re not happy with the product.
There’s also a one-year limited warranty included. Unfortunately, this warranty only covers manufacturer defects and specifically excludes issues resulting from day-to-day use or accidental damage.
Thankfully, anyone looking to lock in a superior level of headphone warranty coverage can do just that with Upsie. All Upsie headphone warranty packages include protection against manufacturer defects and mechanical failures, plus accidental damage like drops and liquid spills.
Furthermore, a two-year warranty for a pair of new Raycon Everyday earbuds costs just $8.25. That’s barely a penny per day for complete peace of mind. Upsie customers can also secure three-year coverage at almost exactly the same rate should they wish.

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