Who Has the Best Samsung Galaxy Buds Warranty?

If you’ve picked up a set of Samsung Galaxy Buds, chances are you’re enjoying listening to your favorite tunes or podcasts with better clarity than before. But those new smart, true-wireless earbuds didn’t come cheap, with current models ranging from $129 to $199. The last thing you want is for one of them to break just after your manufacturer warranty is up, leaving you on the hook to replace them at full cost.
Thankfully, there are several companies that offer an extended warranty for your new Samsung Galaxy Buds. Take a look at some of the top options, plus the features that each company offers with their extended warranties.

Does Samsung Offer Its Own Extended Galaxy Buds Warranty?

Many consumers like to start with a first-party program, like AppleCare+ for Apple devices. These programs aren’t always the best value, though, and not every company offers them as broadly as Apple.
For example, it doesn’t look like Samsung offers any kind of first-party extended warranty program for anything but its phones. Samsung Care+ is their top-level offering, but it only covers mobile devices (elsewhere defined as phones).
Samsung does offer a standard manufacturer’s warranty on its Galaxy Buds line, of course. But if you want deeper or longer coverage than that standard warranty, you’ll have to turn to a third-party company.

Top Warranty Companies Covering Samsung Galaxy Buds

So, which companies offer extended warranties for your Samsung Galaxy Buds? Here are several of the top options, with pros and cons about their programs.

Retailer-Based Programs

Depending on where you buy your set of Galaxy Buds, you may be offered some kind of retailer-based extended warranty program. Best Buy has Geek Squad, Amazon has its own program, and many other big retailers do as well.
The problem with these programs offered by giant retailers is that they can vary widely in terms of quality and in the actual coverage issued. Also, if you’re being sold one of these warranties at the cash register, the sales representative knows that you can’t possibly read the fine print. They also know that you can’t compare prices on the fly very easily.
So, for these reasons, these warranties tend to be more expensive and less thorough in terms of coverage. The claims process can sometimes be confusing, as well. Should you take the item into the store? Do you contact some unknown third-party vendor, who may or may not treat you the way you want to be treated? Or do you do something else?
Retailer-based programs can be so murky that they’re hard to recommend. It’s better to go with a dedicated company that focuses exclusively on extended warranties, like Upsie.


SquareTrade is a longstanding player in the extended warranty market. Their acquisition by AllState Insurance in 2017 hasn’t seemed to improve service or prices, though. SquareTrade doesn’t offer a headphone-specific warranty, but they can cover your Galaxy Buds as a “miscellaneous electronics” product.
Pricing for SquareTrade warranties is loosely based on the purchase price of your device. Galaxy Buds range between $129 and $199, and so they all fall into the same price tier on SquareTrade.
You’ll pay $34.99 for three years of standard coverage, or $54.99 for three years with accident protection. One advantage with SquareTrade is that there’s no deductible to pay if you have an accidental damage claim. However, the purchase price can seem a bit steep: you could pay more than half the cost of your headphones for a plan with accident protection.


Upsie is a newer competitor in the extended warranty market, and the company has been creating serious disruption in recent years.
They keep overhead low by staying laser-focused on the extended warranty market, without expensive distractions like brick-and-mortar presence or costly partnerships. That’s why Upsie can offer extremely generous three-year warranties on $199 Samsung Galaxy Buds for amounts as low as $25.99 — and that’s with accident protection.
With Upsie, you pay a small $25 deductible if you need to make an accidental damage claim. But it’s better to hold onto that money until you need it, rather than pay up front, like with SquareTrade.
Not sure you’ll hang onto those Galaxy Buds for three years? Upsie also offers a two-year plan that’s even less money. Or, if you sell your Galaxy Buds, you can transfer your plan to the new owner for added value.
With Upsie, you have the option to send in a broken device for repair or to take it to your trusted local repair shop. In most cases, you get to decide what you’re most comfortable with.
Upsie also employs 100% human customer claims agents to help you get the answers you need as fast and as clearly as possible.
If you need an extended warranty for your Samsung Galaxy Buds, the choice is clear. Upsie offers the best coverage at the best price.

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