Who Should Buy Creative Outlier Pro Wireless Earbuds Now?

The audio manufacturer Creative just announced the release of the new true wireless earbuds they call the Outlier Pro. Budget-minded audiophiles might notice these new earbuds because they promise to offer premium features for a reasonably economical price.

What to Know About Creative Outlier Pro Wireless Earbuds?

Creative has already released the earbuds for sale on their website. The company lists these earbuds for $119. TechRadar reported some surprise at the relatively affordable price since the earbuds include high-end features found on offerings from top brands, like Apple and Sony.
First of all, the Outlier Pro earbuds promise 15 hours of battery life on a charge. Even more, the battery life increases by 45 more hours when used with the uniquely styled charging case. Sadly, using the earbuds’ hybrid active noise canceling feature reduces the expected battery life by about one-third. Nevertheless, ten hours on a charge still compares favorably to many premium earbuds.
Besides active noise cancellation, these earbuds also offer an ambient mode. This feature provides a balance between switching ANC on or off. The mode reduces distractions but still allows earbud users to hear some sounds, like a coworker calling to them or a train whistle.

Are Creative Outlier Pro Earbuds the Best on the Market?

Since Creative just released the Outlier Pro earbuds, they haven’t shown up on any ranking lists of top earbuds. However, they will probably do well compared to other products in the same price range.
Earlier this year, CNET ranked its choices for the best wireless sound in 2022. Consumers might compare some of these models to the Outlier Pro:
  • The Sony WF-1000XM4 made the top of this list. These earbuds offer excellent battery life, sound quality, and active noise cancellation. They retail for $278, or over twice as much as the Creative Outlier Pro.
  • The Bose QuietComfort earbuds also performed well against competitors. They can charge on a Qi-certified charging mat and also offer excellent features. Expect to find them for about $219.
  • Apple AirPods Pro doesn’t deliver the sound quality that reviewers expected from $249 earbuds, but they may offer the best ANC of any true wireless earbuds on the market at this time.
  • The Momentum True Wireless 2 from Sennheiser retails for $200 and delivers stellar sound quality.
Anybody who wants the best earbuds might start comparing products on the list. On the other hand, the Creative Outlier Pro earbuds deliver similar features and cost much less.

Extended Warranties for Creative Outlier Pro Earbuds

The competition between earbud brands helps spark improvements in sound quality, features, and fit. But at the same time, these tiny audio devices may suffer from vulnerabilities to the types of damage that plague almost all electronics.
For instance, many models will not survive a fall onto the street or a dunk in the pool. At the same time, manufacturer’s warranties only offer short-term protection to pay for replacements or repairs in case of defects.
For affordable and comprehensive protection, consider Upsie’s earbud extended warranties. Stop worrying about unexpected bills because of water, falls, or power surges. Even more, Upsie customers can call upon 24-7 claims representatives, and these friendly agents will help arrange local or mail-in service.
Consumers can choose between multiple brands and models of earbuds to find an affordable pair that offers essential features. It makes sense to compare earbuds and then quickly pair them with an Upsie extended warranty.

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