Cleaning Headphones And Earbuds: How to Get Started

It’s easy to forget about cleaning headphones or earbuds. Whether utilized during hardcore workouts, long hikes in the woods, or everyday commutes on the bus or train, these sets accumulate a lot of dirt, dust, and sweat./div>

While it’s tempting to take advantage of the waterproof and water-resistant ratings on some pairs and just run them under a sink, that’s never a good idea. After all, these devices are still vulnerable to damage.
On the hunt for a better method for cleaning those trusty headphones or earbuds? Keep reading to learn how to keep them pristine.

Cleaning Headphones

Over-the-ear headphones are great for delivering premium sound quality while blocking noise. Unfortunately, the very design that makes them ideal for this function also turns them into a magnet for sweat. However, with the right tools and supplies, it’s easy to clean over-the-ear headphones. All that’s required? A little dish soap or soft laundry detergent mixed with a good amount of water. Don’t forget to find a soft cloth and some cotton swabs.
Wet the soft cloth with the soap and water mixture. Next, wring out the excess water. The cloth shouldn’t be so wet that it’s dripping, but it should be damp enough to leave a water streak if dropped on a hard surface.
Detach any removable ear cups, if necessary, before wiping down the headphones. It will be a lot easier to clean the nooks and crannies of the cups if they are completely separate from the headband portion of the headphones.
Use the wet cloth to scrub every inch of the headphones, as well as the ear cups. If possible, avoid squeezing any soap or water droplets onto the set. A simple rubdown will suffice.
After completing this portion of the process, dip the cotton swabs into the soap and water mixture — again, making sure they are moist but not soaked. Next, go through the finer areas of the headphones with the swabs. Every crack and crevice matters, so be thorough.
After completing the cleaning process, set the headphones on a flat surface to dry for at least half an hour. The drying location doesn’t need to be particularly warm; room temperature should be just fine. Once the headphones are dry, they will be ready for more dirty, sweaty adventures.

Cleaning Earbuds

The process for cleaning earbuds resembles that of over-the-ear headphones, but with a few key differences. For example: before cleaning earbuds, they must be turned off. This goes for headphones as well, but it’s especially important for earbuds due to their more fragile nature.
You can use the same soap and water mixture for this process, but ditch the cotton swabs and grab a special wax removal tool.
Start by removing the silicone tips on the earbuds and set them aside. A firm but gentle rubdown of the earbuds with the damp rag will clean any sweat, dust or dirt off the buds.
For wax buildup, the removal tool should come in handy. First, brush out any excess wax or other materials with the brush, making sure to use a light touch. Next, dry the newly clean earbuds with a clean, dry cloth and set them aside for thirty minutes.
As for the removable tips: these can be wiped down with a damp cloth. They should be fairly easy to clean. Because they are made from materials such as silicone, they are typically stain and dirt-resistant. Once the tips are clean, wait another half hour before placing them back onto the earbuds.

How Often Should Headphones or Earbuds Be Cleaned?

You should repeat the cleaning process monthly — or whenever that pair of headphones or earbuds has been subjected to a particularly brutal workout or battle with the elements. Keeping these valuable pieces of technology clean will increase their lifespan while preventing dirt and dust from building up.

Another Key to Protecting Headphones: Investing in an Extended Warranty

Careful cleaning is a crucial component of maintenance for earbuds and headphones, but they can still be vulnerable to many types of damage. Hence, the need for warranty coverage.
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