Earbuds Versus Over-the-Ear Headphones: Which Is Best?

Whether listening to your favorite songs or trying to block out unwanted noise, high-quality portable headphones are essential. The age-old question comes down to whether you should choose over-the-ear or earbuds to listen to music, podcasts, television programs, etc. Regardless of what you choose, Upsie offers extended warranty options to help keep your sound investment safe and streaming for years.

Which Headphone Option Makes the Most Sense?

So much of the choice between earbuds and over-the-ear headphones comes down to a combination of personal preference and situational practicality. It is difficult to safely wear stereo headphones while running or lifting weights at the gym. The bulk of them on your ears and head can easily distract you from getting into your workout. Further, you may worry about getting them wet and causing damage after the manufacturer’s limited warranty runs out, meaning you will have to buy new headphones.

Personal Preference

Many people love the idea of putting a pair of earbuds into their ears and sitting in class or on the bus without people knowing they are listening to a device. Large over-the-ear headphones certainly don’t allow for that degree of subtlety.


If you are sitting in your living room listening to your epic vinyl collection, full headphones are the way to go, no question. You can fully enjoy the music as it was intended without worrying about damaging your purchase.
While in-ear headphones are more portable and practical in a variety of settings, it makes more sense to settle in and get the most out of your music passion with headphones in the comfort of your home.

Which Headphone Experience Is the Most Pleasurable?

There is little question that over-the-head headphones offer a more immersive and intense experience, especially when you are at home and relaxing. However, if you want to prepare and warm-up before a competition in running or swimming, nothing beats putting in your earbuds during a warm-up.

Which Style of Portable Listening Device Is Safer?

Safety translates in a few different ways. For instance, if you want to run outside after dark, earbuds are marginally safer than over-the-ear headphones. An important tip, though, is to only insert an earphone into one ear to leave your other free to pick up any sounds that might indicate danger.
When it comes to your hearing, headphones win here. The quality of headphones is simply higher since users tend to use them to amplify the listening experience, rather than as a way to take music on-the-go.
Headphones block out background sounds that help you lose yourself in your favorite albums without distortion associated with some insertable earphones.

Which Headphone Style Is More Comfortable?

Comfort is a relative concept for each person. There are some universal considerations when comparing earbuds versus over-the-ear headphones:


Most wireless earbuds remove the cord-tangling factor to make them more manageable while offering optimal sound quality. They also offer sound control via a mobile app for less hands-on management. Most wireless earbuds are sweat and water-resistant to help keep your inner ears dry and cool for hours of listening.

Over-the-Ear Headphones

Over-the-ear headphones generally offer a more comfortable and contoured design for music lovers. Here are important features that make noise-canceling headphones so comfortable and easy to wear:
  • Well-padded
  • Do not apply as much attention to your head as in-ear models
  • Easy to adjust for the right fit

Extend Your Warranty with Upsie to Protect Your Personal Listening Gear

Either type of headphone can help you enjoy music, podcasts or audiobooks on your own terms. Whether you want to enjoy an evening at home, or take your music on-the-run, you have an array of options. Many people choose listening equipment for different situations. In either case, you want to keep your headphones safe beyond the life of your limited manufacturer’s warranty. With an Upsie extended headphone warranty, you can enjoy the peace of mind you never have to hit the treadmill without your earbuds.

How Much Does an Upsie Warranty Cost for Headphones?

Upsie wants you to use your headset in comfort, so they offer:
  • 2-year warranty with accidental coverage with a $25 deductible
  • 3-year warranty with accidental coverage with a $25 deductible
Accidental coverage offers you protection from drops, cracks, spills, liquid immersion and more for headphones purchased in the last 60 days.

What Is the Extended Warranty Claims Process with Upsie?

Upsie offers 24/7 claims service, so call their customer service representatives any time to file your claim. Once your claim has been approved, Upsie will help you find a local certified technician to repair your portable gear, or will supply you with a box and label for round-trip shipping to our certified repair center. If it cannot be repaired, it will be replaced. Throughout the life of your warranty you can make claims up to the value of your headphones.
Contact Upsie to learn more about our extended warranties for headphones!

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