Is the Epos H3 Hybrid the Best Universal Gaming Headset?

Why buy two sets of expensive headphones for gaming and listening to music when one pair can do it all? That’s the question asked by Denmark-based Epos when they created the H3 Hybrid closed acoustic gaming headset with Bluetooth.
These headphones cost $180, similar to many of the best Turtle Beach headsets for gamers. Moreover, consumers can easily spend $200 or more buying a second pair of similar-looking Beats headphones designed solely for enjoying music.
If the $179 Epos H3s are the all-around proposition that their Hybrid naming suggests, they could be an absolute bargain. Their two-in-one nature could potentially save buyers upwards of $150. So do the Epos H3 Hybrids genuinely represent today’s best universal gaming headset? Let’s take a closer look.

Epos H3 Hybrid Closed Acoustic Gaming Headset

The H3 Hybrids from Epos are nothing if not well-thought-out. The popular universal gaming headset grants buyers with a rock-solid wired link for PCs and consoles along with all-important simultaneous Bluetooth connectivity.
In addition, they boast a detachable, lift-to-mute boom arm microphone with a magnetic connection. Cleverly angled ear cups and an adjustable headband then provide an ergonomic fit for long-wearing comfort, whether gaming or listening to music, even for hours at a time.
They offer excellent cross-compatibility, too. With that, the Epos H3 Hybrids are fully compatible with PCs, Macs, and all of the latest consoles from Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo.
They also work with users’ smartphones and tablets, including both iOS and Android devices. Other key features include Epos-engineered in-game audio that delivers the perfect cues for instant game reactions and an in-built smart button that users can program for immediate control of their audio settings.
Ingeniously, a secondary microphone in the ear cup of the Epos H3 Hybrids also allows for in-game chatting even when their lift-to-mute boom arm microphone isn’t attached. A long-lasting battery, passive noise reduction functionality, built-in DAC, and a choice of Onyx Black and Ghost White finishes are then just the icing on the cake.

Epos H3 Hybrid Reviews

So, on paper, the Epos H3 Hybrids are, it seems, entirely worthy of their place among today’s very best universal gaming headsets. But what are hands-on users saying about the $180 combined gaming and music-listening setup?
Perhaps unsurprisingly, feedback is good. Very good, in fact. Across a dozen reviews from the likes of ActuGaming, 1337 Games, GamezGeneration, Digitally Downloaded, Xbox Tavern, and TheSixthAxis, the Epos H3 Hybrids have achieved an immensely respectable average rating of 9.4/10.
Numerous professional gamers have also praised the H3 Hybrids, including Call of Duty esports player Cameron “Cammy” McKilligan and German professional Counter-Strike star, Fritz “slaxz-” Dietrich.

Love the Flexibility

“I love the flexibility of the H3 Hybrid, that I can use it for gaming and that I can remove the mic and use it wirelessly on my phone.”
– Cameron “Cammy” McKilligan

Very High-Quality Sound

“This headset has very high-quality sound. It really makes the Overwatch world come to life!”
– Su-min “SADO” Kim

The Kind of Headset You Need

“Whether I play on my phone, console, or PC, I can use the H3 Hybrid for everything, and that’s exactly the kind of headset you need these days.”
– Fritz “slaxz-” Dietrich

Epos H3 Hybrid Conclusion

Almost across the board, the Epos H3 Hybrids have attracted rave reviews, even from the toughest of critics. They’re also a favorite of SoundGuys and the team at Tom’s Hardware.
However, one minor criticism is that the Epos H3 Hybrids still rely on battery power, even when plugged in. Beyond that, they’re universally well-liked and, as such, likely wholly deserving of the title of the best universal gaming headset for the money.
Furthermore, for gamers looking to save a little cash, Epos also produces the strictly gaming-focused H3s at just $99. Alternatively, it’s possible to upgrade to the H3PRO Hybrids. At $279, the Pro grants truly wireless lag-free gaming, a slightly longer-lasting battery, and active noise reduction.
Also introducing several unique painted and metal elements, the H3PRO Hybrids come in a Sebring Black finish. Yet, for the most part, and priced at under $180, it’s the Epos H3 Hybrids that are the obvious choice for the largest number of users.

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