Up Your Game with These Top Gaming Headsets for 2021

If you’re a PC or console gamer, you need a good gaming headset. This is especially true when you’re playing online and need to talk to teammates, or if you’re playing in a shared space where your friends and family don’t want to hear every frag.
Gaming headsets run the gamut from cheap, poor-performing sets to high-end audiophile headphones with connected mic. Features vary as well, though most sets feature an over-ear ear cup and a boom-style microphone.

A Note on Compatibility

Before you buy a new set, make sure that it’s compatible with the way you game. Wireless sets are ultra popular, but there are limitations. Not every console features Bluetooth connectivity, and some consoles (and headsets) use proprietary wireless connections. So it is possible to end up with a console and headset that don’t connect.
Of course, wired sets give the absolute best performance and tend to be the most compatible. But then you have another wire to deal with. On a PC, the wire won’t usually be in the way, and if you’re console gaming, you can just plug it into your controller.
Below you’ll find top recommendations in several categories. Whatever you’re looking for in your gaming headset, you should find a great option below.

Best for PC: Razer Blackshark V2 (or V2 Pro)

If you’re a PC gamer, one of the best values for the money is the Razer Blackshark V2, which is a stellar wired gaming headset. This set can connect via 3.5mm or USB and sits at a very comfortable $99. Both the audio quality and the microphone quality are excellent, and there’s even a software suite available via USB sound card. The software enables THX spatial audio and 7.1 surround, which can really transform your gaming experience.
The Razer Blackshark V2 is a lightweight headset, so it won’t wear you out over long gaming periods. And if you want a similar experience but in wireless form, check out the Razer Blackshark V2 Pro. It’s everything the Blackshark V2 can do, sans wires.
For more on this set, check out PCMag’s full review.

Best Midrange Universal Set: Astro Gaming A20 Wireless Gen 2 Headset

If you’re a multi-platform gamer, you need a set that can connect to a range of devices. The Astro Gaming A20 Wireless Gen 2 Headset fits the bill, as it’s compatible with PS5, Xbox Series S/X, and PC equally well (with the right adapter, sold separately). And while the sound quality can’t quite match beefier siblings like the A40 or A50, it’s still pretty solid.
You’ll find intuitive controls on the right earcup, including EQ, volume, and voice/game balance. One slick feature is the automatic mic muting: if you swing the microphone up, it auto-mutes. Swing it down again to unmute.
One downside: PCMag notes that the headband isn’t particularly comfortable. If you like to game or stream all day long, the A20 may get uncomfortable sooner than you want.

Best Budget Wireless Set: Razer Nari Essential

If you’re looking for wireless gaming headsets under $99, there are a few midrange options that are worth your money. The Razer Nari Essential is one of the few, packing in all the features you need (and adequate audio quality) without breaking the bank. You can find this set for under $70 at the moment, which is a fantastic deal.

Best Premium Set: Corsair Virtuoso RGB Wireless XT

If you have a little more room in your budget, there are plenty of upper midrange and premium sets clamoring for your attention. One of the best is the Corsair Virtuoso RGB Wireless XT. This set boasts audiophile-grade audio so lovely that you might even use them for music listening.
Microphone performance is also excellent, and there’s both wireless and Bluetooth support, plus Dolby Atmos and even subtle RGB lighting. It’s a premium set that’s worth the extra cost.

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