How to Clean AirPods and Other Earbuds

Using dirty AirPods can affect the quality of sound and can also lead to ear infections. That is why it is essential to know how to clean your AirPods and other earbuds regularly.

Why You Should Clean Apple AirPods

Apple AirPods quickly became the standard for all other types of earbuds. Because many people use iPhones, it is often a simple choice when comparing Apple to Samsung, Jabra, and Sony headphones. In addition, Apple’s AirPods offer noise-canceling, high-quality sound for listening to music or taking phone calls.
One of the biggest reasons you should clean AirPods is to make them last longer and preserve their sound quality. The other reason to clean earbuds of any type is hygiene. When you regularly use Airpods, they can become saturated with wax, oil, skin cells, dirt, and bacteria.
Regardless of whether you use AirPods 3 or AirPods Pro, you should keep them and their cases clean.

How to Clean AirPods

Depending on whether you own AirPods or AirPods Pro, the cleaning process may differ slightly.
  • Turn off your AirPods and disconnect them from any paired Bluetooth devices.
  • If you are cleaning AirPods Pro, gently remove the silicone tips. Soak the tips in warm soapy water for 30 minutes. You can also use a Q-Tip or soft cloth to remove any stubborn debris. Allow the silicone to completely dry before putting the tips back on.
  • Apple suggests using a disinfectant wipe with alcohol to clean the plastic part of AirPods. However, do not use them on the speaker mesh area. Instead, use a dry cotton swab or gentle brush (a soft toothbrush will work) to remove dirt or debris. Be careful not to push any dirt into the mesh; you won’t be able to remove it. Instead, your aim is simply to dislodge anything stuck and brush it off.
  • Apple offers a polishing cloth to clean AirPods. And you may want to consider purchasing one if you need to clean your earbuds often.
To clean the AirPods case, use a dry lint-free cloth (microfiber works best) to remove any noticeable stains. If the case is really dirty, you can use a little water or alcohol on the cloth to remove it. However, be careful not to get any liquid inside the case.

How to Clean Other Types of Earbuds

How you clean other earbuds will depend on the manufacturer and the style. If they have silicone covers, remove them and soak the silicone in soapy water for 30 minutes. Then, use a dry cloth or slightly alcohol-dampened microfiber cloth to clean the rest. Consult the earbud manual for additional information on cleaning and disinfecting your earbuds properly.

How to Avoid Damage When Cleaning AirPods

Cleaning your AirPods or earbuds incorrectly could damage them. Headphones have many delicate parts, and you need to take extra care when cleaning them.
Although many earbuds claim to be waterproof or water-resistant, it’s never a good idea to soak them in water for cleaning. There’s a possibility you could essentially damage delicate parts and ruin them forever. Also, never use a safety pin or other sharp implements to clean AirPods or earbuds of any kind.

Best Apple AirPods Warranty

Apple AirPods come with a manufacturer’s warranty that may help if you’re experiencing problems with the earbuds. However, in most cases, the manufacturer’s warranty only covers defects and does not cover damage due to spills, water submersion, and rough handling. In addition, Apple’s limited warranty only lasts for a year for most products, leaving the device unprotected once the warranty expires.
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