It’s Official: Expect the Apple AirPods 3 Launch This Fall

Last year, everybody predicted a 2020 release date for Apple AirPods 3. But, unfortunately, various supply problems caused delays for lots of electronics makers. Even such large manufacturers as Apple and Samsung delayed launches.

When Will Apple AirPods 3 Finally Launch?

Recently, tech news sites like Tom’s Guide confidently reported that the launch date for AirPods 3 will likely be in September or October of 2021. That will give Apple fans plenty of time to purchase a set for a holiday gift, even if they plan to give the present to themselves. Find out if the latest Apple AirPods will prove worth the wait.

How Much Will AirPods 3 Cost?

Some leaks have suggested that Apple will price AirPods 3 at about 20 percent below the AirPods Pro’s price. That will probably set the cost at just about $200. So although AirPods 3 may offer a budget-friendly alternative to AirPods Pro, they’re still considerably more expensive than the $159 charged for AirPods 2 at release.
Very often, prices of the previous models get reduced around the time of a new release. That said, anyone who wants value-priced AirPods might wait to buy AirPods 2 until after they see AirPods 3 on the market. Sometimes, Apple also runs promotions that include AirPods with the purchase of a new phone. Frugal shoppers might want to wait to see if that happens during the release as well.

What to Expect From Apple AirPods 3

Again, Apple has not yet made a firm announcement. However, CNET speculated that the AirPods 3 will resemble AirPods Pro more than AirPods 2. Mainly, they expect a shorter stem than past versions of regular AirPods. At the same time, other leaks implied that Apple would omit the stem entirely.
As for features, the new AirPods might not include active noise cancellation or sound transparency, but they will have spatial audio support to provide a surround-sound-like experience. In addition, expect a five-hour battery life and a charging case with an additional powerup, similar to the AirPods 2. Otherwise, industry analysts expect a sound experience that’s similar to the Airpod Pro.

Does AppleCare+ Cover AirPods?

As Upsie covered recently, the best AirPods warranty might not come from Apple. The initial warranty Apple includes with every purchase mostly focuses on repairing defects that show up during the first year after purchase. Apple also extends this warranty with the optional purchase of AppleCare+.
Shoppers can expect the following from AppleCare+:
  • It offers up to two years of protection, and it extends the initial warranty to two repairs for accidental damage.
  • Unlike many seller’s warranties, AppleCare+ also lets customers choose service at a local Apple store or by mailing their products in. Most of these warranties require shipping products to a service center.
  • With the Express Replacement Service, customers can choose to exchange defective AirPods for a new pair, so they won’t have to wait for service.
The limit of two repairs might concern some buyers because the case and two earbuds would count as three items. They also charge a $29 service fee for each repair, so if both AirPods and the case stop working, the service fee could total $87.

Which Company Offers the Best AirPods Warranty?

For a more affordable option with great coverage, choose Upsie. Upsie offers a choice between two- and three-year protection plans that cost up to 70% less, and they only charge a $25 deductible. In addition, customers have an unlimited number of claims up to the purchase value of the device.
Plus, Upsie will replace the AirPods if repairing them on the first claim doesn’t make sense. Customers can also choose between mail-in and local repairs, including Apple service centers. Robust coverage protects against defects, accidents, and component failures.
Take some time to compare AirPods versus other high-quality earbuds. Then turn to Upsie for affordable, comprehensive protection and great service.

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