What to Know About the Anticipated Samsung Galaxy Buds 2

Just like Apple competes with Android, Samsung Galaxy Buds have grown into competitors for Apple AirPods. Every time Samsung releases a new model of their earbuds, they have improved the specs and design. Right now, Samsung fans expect their favorite manufacturer to release Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 by the end of the year. Find out what to expect from Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 and if it’s worth it to wait for them.

What to Expect From Samsung Galaxy Buds 2

As usual with such highly anticipated releases, the press has done a bit of snooping to try to uncover confidential details. TechRadar’s snoops believe Samsung developed their new earbuds under the code name of berry.
Beyond that, they think the company will drop this new product at the same time they unveil the Galaxy Fold Z phone later this year. They’re expected to compete against Apple’s AirPods 3, also presumed to have a release date later in the year.
As for the design, Samsung may offer four color options. Nobody knows for sure if Samsung will offer more premium features, like active noise cancellation or waterproofing. They might hold back on these in favor of selling the earbuds at more competitive prices. According to some leaked design photos, the new earbuds may have a very similar design to Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro and offer better audio quality.

How Much Will Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 Cost?

As with the details and specs, Samsung has not released any pricing details. However, they will probably follow a common pattern of having an initial cost similar to the price of their predecessors. In this case, Samsung Galaxy Buds debuted at about $149. For comparison, the Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro sells for $200. It’s fair to expect a price point somewhere between these two.

When Will Samsung Release Galaxy Buds 2 to the Market?

Some industry watchers say that Samsung has already started production and might announce the new earbuds as early as August 2021. That would mark three years since the release of the original Galaxy Buds, so it makes sense. Of course, Samsung just released Galaxy Buds Pro in January. Still, the company has a history of announcing new models in fairly quick succession.

Are the Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 Worth the Wait?

These new earbuds should face competition from two other manufacturers with expected releases in the fall. Most notably, this includes the Google Pixel Buds A and the Apple AirPods 3. In reality, people tend to gravitate towards brands or operating systems they already use. Samsung’s new release may face most of its competition from Google’s earbuds, while Apple fans will naturally tend to choose AirPods.
Right now, shoppers can find the original Samsung Galaxy Buds for less than $100 at some major retailers. It’s possible the company will keep this model for sale at a lower price point after they release the new model. Anybody who missed buying the originals might also wait for sales to pick up the original model after the new release.

Do Samsung Galaxy Earbuds Need an Extended Warranty?

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