Comparing Powerbeats Pro Versus Beats Fit Pro Earbuds

The release of Beats Fit Pro attracted its share of press attention. The latest model by this Apple-owned brand offered many features of Airpods Pro, but it also had a more sport-oriented design and a lower price. In contrast, Powerbeats Pro originally retailed for about the same amount as Airpods Pro. It also provides some of the AirPods Pro premium features and fits in ears more like Beats Fit Pro. Compare the Beats Powerbeats Pro Versus Beats Fit Pro to see which one will offer better value.

Beats Powerbeats Pro Versus Beats Fit Pro

Take a brief look at these two Beats earbuds to compare them by price, design, comfort, controls, sound quality, and battery life:


Beats Fit Pro costs $199, and most retailers still sell these new earbuds at the list price. In contrast, Powerbeats Pro has a list price of $249. And although comparison shoppers can find plenty of retailers selling them for lower prices than the Fit Pro, it still stands that the Beats Fit Pro is relatively cheaper than the Powerbeats Pro.


Beats crafted both of these earbud models with a stylish design. Powerbeats include the traditional ear-hook style, and the Fit Pro appears trimmed down. The smaller size of the Fit Pro also lets them fit inside a smaller case, which makes them more portable. However, the ear-hook design ensures that the earbud remains firmly in the ear.

Fit and Comfort

The Fit Pro and Powerbeats Pro both fit well and feel comfortable to wear. Some users might prefer the wingtips of the Fit Pro, but others would rather rely on the Powerbeats’ ear hooks. Both options are comfortable, and most customers are pleased with the fit. That said, choosing between the fit and comfort of either option depends on personal preference.


Again, these earbuds look almost evenly matched for controls, and they both include Siri voice commands. The volume controls on the Powerbeats offer slightly easier access.

Sound Quality

Each set of earbuds provides a premium sound experience, but the Fit Pro projects more balanced audio, and the Powerbeats Pro emphasizes bass more. Fit Pro includes Adaptive EQ and Spatial Audio, so this model might please audiophiles a bit more. The Fit Pro also comes with active noise cancelation and Transparency mode, features otherwise only found on Airpods Pro.

Battery life

Powerbeats can last longer on a charge, but Fit Pro lasts longer when factoring in the charging case. On the other hand, the Powerbeats case can charge faster. With all factors considered, the two come out roughly even in terms of overall battery life performance.

Does Fit Pro or Powerbeats Pro Offer Better Value?

These two models appear closely matched, and either one should satisfy people who want to buy earbuds for active use. The choice might depend upon the importance of features like active noise cancellation, Spatial Audio, Adaptive EQ, and Transparency mode.
Tom’s Guide gave Fit Pro the edge because of these premium features, even though they cost somewhat more. These features attract people who care the most about sound quality. On the other hand, the more traditional style of Powerbeats and somewhat better controls could sway some people to that model. They also hold a charge longer and charge faster, but the Fit Pro lasts longer using its charging case.

Why Choose an Upsie Extended Warranty for Beats Earbuds?

Since Apple owns Beats, Apple provides a manufacturer’s warranty to guard against defects for one year. Beats customers also have the choice to upgrade to AppleCare+, which lasts two years and adds in some accident protection. However, Apple’s extended warranty will only pay for two damage repairs a year. In addition, AppleCare+ charges a $29 service fee for covered repairs and may require shipping the item back to their service centers.
For more flexible, comprehensive, and affordable protection, choose Upsie’s extended warranty for Beats earbuds. Upsie customers can choose between mail-in or local services, including Apple’s Genius Bar. Additionally, customers can make unlimited claims up to the purchase price of the device. Plus, if repairs don’t make sense on the first claim, Upsie will offer a replacement.
Apple and Beats both provide advanced, durable, and popular earbuds. For any earbuds, speakers, and headphones, consider the benefits of an Upsie extended warranty.

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