Urbanista Lisbon Wireless Earbuds are a Good Budget Option

Urbanista, based in Stockholm, is known for its line of headphones, wireless speakers, and earbuds. In the earbud category, the company has chosen to name its various models after major world cities. Their earbuds include models named after Paris, Barcelona, Berlin, and a host of others. In a similar fashion, they’ve named their newest after Lisbon, the capital of Portugal.
Did they choose the name because Lisbon is one of the least expensive capital cities to visit in Europe? Perhaps so, because the company is taking pre-orders (in July 2021) for their latest offering at around $50 per pair — far below the price for other Urbanista models and virtually every competitor. And that’s exciting!

Urbanista Lisbon Specifications

The Urbanista Lisbon wireless earbuds are really tiny. Just 4 grams each (one-seventh of an ounce), making them so lightweight you’ll forget you’re wearing them. In addition, they are true wireless earbuds. No wires to deal with; just insert them into your ears.
They promise a full 9 hours of playtime once fully charged. In fact, the carrying case serves as a charger that can fully recharge the pair two times, giving you up to 27 hours of music and podcasts.
The Lisbon uses the latest Bluetooth 5.2, which operates on the Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) radio. Most importantly, BLE gives listeners the same high-quality sound at both low and high bit rates, as well as longer battery life. The 5.2 implementation also allows you to broadcast your audio to other 5.2 devices, giving you the ability to share your favorite programming with others in real-time.
Users with either IOS or Android devices are in luck. The Lisbon earbuds are compatible with IOS and Android devices and provide voice control with both Siri and Google Assistant.
Furthermore, the driver is 10 millimeters in diameter (about 0.4 inches), which compares favorably with other brands of in-ear-canal earbuds. In fact, the design engineering team at Urbanista states, “Lisbon’s sound signature is designed to be strong on the bass without overpowering the crystal-clear midrange and sweet highs. We wanted to design a small and portable product that delivers above and beyond expectations for size and price.”
Looking for a variety of color options? These Lisbon earbuds come in colors galore! Choose from Coral Peach, Vanilla Cream, Blush Pink, Midnight Black, or Mint Green.
Learn more at the GadgetFlow.com website.

Are the Urbanista Lisbon Wireless Earbuds High Quality?

Customer reviews posted at the Urbanista site largely range from positive to great, including many who compliment the company for its speedy delivery and excellent customer service.
However, the standard warranty provides for the replacement of defective units for just one year. Damage from dropping a Lisbon or its carrying case, water damage, and damage from other hazards are not covered by the standard warranty. That’s where Upsie can give you the security of knowing your Lisbon earbuds are protected for two or three full years for less than a penny per day.
Here’s how Upsie extended warranties work:
  • Within 60 days of buying your Lisbon earbuds, choose the term you prefer — either two or three years of coverage. Buy your coverage directly on their website. Be sure to take advantage of the 10 percent discount Upsie offers all its new customers!
  • What does it cost? Just $4.99 or $7.99 for two or three years, respectively. That’s not a monthly charge; those are the costs for two or three full years!
  • The warranty covers your Lisbon earbuds against accidental damage on day 31 after the warranty purchase date.
  • You’re then protected from accidental damage that Urbanista doesn’t cover at all.
It’s that easy!
Should you have a claim, you’ll pay a small deductible ($25), and Upsie will repair or replace your earbuds.
Now, you can rest assured that your Lisbon earbuds standard warranty offers protection against manufacturing defects. But more importantly, accidents happen, and your Upsie extended earbud warranty gives you long-term protection against drops, water damage and other accidental damage, as well.
You may ask: “Why does Upsie price its extended warranty plans so low?”
Well, we created Upsie for you. Clarence Bethea, Upsie’s Founder and CEO, saw a broken and dishonest extended warranty industry and had to change it. He formed the company to give you an honest, convenient and affordable warranty option.

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