What to Know About the Google WiFi Mesh Router

The Google WiFi router is a common WiFi router found in homes. However, before deciding which router to use in your own home, you should understand how the Google WiFi router differs from the conventional devices.

What is a Mesh Router?

Mesh routers help expand WiFi over a large space and into various rooms. It works by sharing the network with other connected devices. With just one router, this device can work with other devices to use this sharing capacity to blanket gaps and dead zones with connectivity.
As an example, Tom’s Guide mentioned that people might take their router with them when they upgrade from an apartment to a larger house. If so, they may find their old router no longer serves every room. In this case, a mesh router might offer a simple, affordable solution.

Why Consider a Google WiFi Mesh Router?

TechRadar praised the Google WiFi router as the easiest one that they have ever installed for testing. In addition, the reviewers said they could understand why these simple, affordable devices from Google helped make mesh routers popular.
Google offers free Android and iOS apps to install and manage the routers. The app even makes it easy to configure the network by letting users scan QR codes on connected gateways or modems.
Some other useful features to access with the app include:
  • Continuous network monitoring
  • Speed tests
  • Ability to prioritize or pause bandwidth for certain devices
  • Ability to perform a network check on the entire network or certain devices

How Much Does a Google WiFi Mesh Router Cost?

Prices for these routers start at about $63 at some retailers. Retailers also sell a three-pack for about $199. Either way, Google routers generally cost less than many of their rivals.
Even though one mesh router should help, some people may want a second or third unit for their garages, finished attics, or similar out-of-the-way areas of the home. Note that the home still needs a modem or gateway to receive the internet, and these Google devices only function as a router.
The Google WiFi router doesn’t offer the same manual control that some more expensive models do. But on the other hand, it handles a lot of network management automatically and may achieve similar results.

Can You Buy Extended Warranties for a Router?

Google and other router makers provide their customers with a manufacturer’s warranty. With Google, this covers the device against defects for a period of one year. To upgrade this protection for broader coverage, consider an Upsie router extended warranty.
Some benefits of Upsie router warranties include:
  • Upsie offers two-year and three-year warranty options.
  • Warranty protection plans cost up to 70 percent less than warranty competitors.
  • Upsie provides repair services, including local repair shops or Upsie’s postage-paid mail service.
  • The claims representatives answer the phone 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
  • Upsie accepts qualifying pre-owned devices and transfers to new owners.
Besides routers, Upsie also offers affordable extended warranties for computers, smartphones, and many other kinds of appliances or electronics.
A Google WiFi router can provide a simple solution for people who need to expand their internet coverage. In turn, Upsie offers a great solution for extended warranty coverage.

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