Alienware X Series Laptops: Their Sleekest Gaming Machines

When most people think about gaming computers, they picture large desktop PCs with lots of lights and multiple accessories. Some manufacturers make laptops that can handle gaming, but they tend to look bulky when compared to the slimmest notebooks on the market. Also, in the past, serious gamers knew they had to choose between performance and mobility when using a gaming laptop. With the new X-Series, Alienware may change these perceptions with its sleek, capable gaming notebook computers.

What to Expect With the Alienware X-Series of Gaming Laptops

Gizmodo praised the X-Series by saying that Alienware managed to pack top-tier components into a sleek device. For instance, the X17 and X15 come with Nvidia 20-Series GPUs, along with 11-Gen Intel CPUs. Alienware claims that their new X15 offers the most power in its class of slim, 15-inch gaming notebooks.
Besides the slim and high-performance build, gamers should find plenty of features to appreciate. For example:
  • This lightstrip contains from 90 to 100 micro-LED lights for bright, even lighting.
  • Crypto-Tech cooling employs a new thermal interface based upon gallium that should enhance thermal resistance by as much as 25 percent over conventional cooling systems.
  • Four AI-powered fans automatically regulate their own speed for optimized airflow.
  • A slim power adapter helps improve portability over the large power bricks many game PCs come with.
In addition, these gaming notebooks offer customers their choice of displays from 120HZ to 360HZ. Plus, each model comes with one full-sized HDMI 2.1 port and a microSD card slot. Even more, they each come with a Thunderbolt 4 to support USB. That means that users can opt to charge their PC with USB if they can’t use their adapter or simply don’t care to carry it with them.

Is the Alienware X-Series Already on the Market?

Dell already offers some Alienware X-Series laptops for customers to order from their online store. Apparently, gamers who want more customized configurations may need to wait until June 15, 2021 to place those orders.
The website also listed these starting prices for the pre-built models:
  • X15: $1,999.99
  • X17: $2,099.99
Anybody with an interest in Alienware gaming computers might also want to check out this article about the Alienware M and R Series.

Why Alienware Gaming Machines Need Enhanced Protection

Any gamer who spends a few thousand dollars on the latest innovations will want to make certain that they can keep their machine in tip-top shape for a long time. Also, these kinds of computers can fetch good prices on the resale market if kept in good condition. Meanwhile, the limited warranties that come with these computers mostly just cover defects that appear after using them for a short time.
Alienware has a good reputation for producing high-quality, durable computers. Still, the very fact that Alienware designed these laptops for portability makes them extra vulnerable to wear and accidental damage, which a limited warranty was never meant to cover.
Also, because of the unique cooling systems and other advanced features included in the new X-Series, some people struggle to even find a qualified technician to make repairs. A good extended warranty will ensure access to certified techs and make repair bills manageable.

Why Consider an Upsie Extended Warranty for Alienware Gaming Computers

Upsie offers the robust sort of protection plan that gamers need. Besides defects that crop during the term of two- and three-year plans, they even cover costs to fix damage from such common accidents as spilled liquid and drops. Upsie’s affordable warranty plans include 24-7 live customer and claims service and a choice between local or postage-paid, mail-in repairs. Even better, Upsie only charges a $25 deductible, with absolutely no hidden fees. The warranty is also transferable should you choose to sell your laptop during the warranty term.
To find out more, visit the Upsie Alienware gaming laptop warranty page within 60 days of buying a new or qualified used computer. Fill in a few details, such as brand and price paid, and then browse the transparent prices and details.
Serious gamers will want to carefully consider their options when they buy a new gaming laptop. However, they should have no trouble deciding to protect their machines with an Upsie warranty.

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