Where to Find the Best Alienware Laptop Warranty

Most gamers probably think of custom-built desktops when they picture gaming computers. Still, some folks want to enjoy their gaming experience with a portable machine. Alienware delivers upon great performance and graphics in a comparatively small package with their high-end gaming laptops.
Of course, after investing in one of these top machines, it’s also wise to find the best Alienware laptop warranty. Find out more about Alienware’s high-performance laptop for gaming and how to protect it with the best extended warranty.

High-End Alienware Gaming Laptop: The Area 51m

CNET ranked the Alienware Area 51m high in its recent list of the top gaming laptops for 2021. This is the company’s top-of-the-line laptop. Reviewers found that the machine delivers a sufficient refresh rate and enough overall performance to satisfy most gaming enthusiasts.
CNET also liked the IPS display screen and keyboard. They noted that the laptop’s GPU design makes it easy to open the case to replace graphics cards and processors to upgrade performance. This flexibility should ensure that the machine can keep up with gaming innovations for years in the future.
Currently, retail prices for the Area 51m R2 with an estimated average of 110 FPS, or frames per second, start at just under $1,900. The same model with 170 FPS sells for close to $3,500.
Note that actual FPS may depend upon the game. Dell owns Alienware now and sells this laptop. On the Dell product page, customers can select from several popular games to calculate the refresh rate of the laptops they compare. That way, they can ensure the machine will perform well with their favorite games.
Besides the Area 51m laptop, Alienware also makes and distributes other high-quality gaming laptops and desktops. Learn more about Alienware gaming computers by reading this previous Upsie article.

Why Buy an Alienware Laptop Extended Warranty?

Alienware laptops include a one-year limited warranty with the purchase. The warranty specifically says it’s meant to cover material or workmanship defects. Basically, it provides assurance that the laptop will work as advertised for at least the warranty term.
High-end gaming computers tend to cost more than other computers because they’re configured to deliver impressive performance and visuals while running some of the most processing-intensive kinds of software. In addition, laptops offer portability. However, the very mobility of these machines make them vulnerable to damage from drops, or even worse, drops in puddles or spills from nearby drinks.
The initial warranty that comes with the machine won’t cover broken cases, cracked screens, or other damage from accidents. Even more, it only lasts one year. When gamers invest in these top-performing machines, they generally expect to keep them for many years.

What’s the Best Extended Warranty for Alienware Laptops?

Upsie customers can choose between a two- or three-year warranty and even have as long as 60 days after their purchase to enroll in a protection plan. With innovative technology and a smart business model, Upsie also cuts out the middleman to help save their customers money when compared to other warranty companies.
For instance:
  • Customers never have to pay service fees, and the plan only includes one straightforward $25 deductible.
  • Upsie warranties cost as low as a few cents a day and easily beat the price of such well-known competitors as SquareTrade, BestBuy, NewEgg, and more.
Even better, Upsie customers know they can access live customer service 24 hours a day and 365 days a year. Repair choices include local certified or prepaid mail-in services. Better yet, transparent coverage includes accidental drops and spills, mechanical failures, screen problems, connection failures, and much more.
Gamers will want to make a good decision before they invest in a new computer. If they choose an Area 51m laptop or another Alienware product, they’ll want to make the best decision about their Alienware laptop extended warranty. Besides Alienware, Upsie also offers warranties for many other brands, types of computers, and electronics or appliances.

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Updated 3/22/22

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