NewEgg Versus Upsie Extended Warranty Protection Plans

Founded almost 20 years ago, NewEgg sells a variety of products online. Even with its diverse offerings, people tend to mostly think of this retailer as a source for good deals on consumer electronics, like computers and mobile phones. While purchasing electronics, buyers may also have a chance to buy an extended warranty from the website.

How Do NewEgg Warranties Compare to Upsie?

However, just as with many retailers that offer protection plans, NewEgg extended warranties come from third parties. As an example, the NewEgg FAQ shows that tech warranties come from SquareTrade, a company owned by Allstate. Instead of dealing with NewEgg, warranty customers will file claims with SquareTrade and not NewEgg.
What's different about Upsie? Founded as a revolutionary tech startup in 2015, Upsie only focuses upon marketing and servicing extended warranties for a variety of products. Some popular protection plans from Upsie cover phones, TVs, computers, and even appliances and exercise machines.
That means that customers will compare plans, register their products, and get customer and claims service directly from Upsie. Upsie doesn't sell the products that they cover but only focuses on providing affordable, broad coverage.

How to Choose the Best Warranty Company

Even though manufacturers and retailers often offer extended warranties for products they market, customers don't have to buy their warranty from that same place. In fact, the FTC suggests spending some time reading the fine print and comparing details before deciding which protection plan to get.
As the FTC advises, some important things to consider include prices, deductibles, coverage, contract length, and exclusions. As an example:
  • According to the FAQ, only some SquareTrade warranties include coverage for accidental damage. If a phone, laptop, or tablet suffers damage because of a drop or spill, warranty owners without protection against accidents will have to pay for repairs or replacements themselves.
  • In contrast, most Upsie warranties protect their customers against damage from common kinds of accidents and many other problems.

Why Choose Upsie Warranties Over SquareTrade

Warranty customers will surely want to compare prices, deductibles, and other important details of their protection plan. At the same time, customers mostly care about the claims process when they're having problems with their electronics or appliances. They want to know that their warranty company will help them get rapid, high-quality, and convenient repairs done.
This is the way that Upsie works:
  • Upsie members can contact customer claims service by phone 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and 365 days a year. They will speak with a helpful, live representative. As an alternative, customers can also choose to begin their claim online.
  • Depending upon the type of product and location, the reps may give customers a choice of local, in-home, or postage-paid mail-in service from certified repair centers. As an example, owners of TV sets can get in-home service. People with Apple products can even choose to use their Upsie warranty at the Genius Bar.
  • If repairs don't make sense, Upsie may offer to replace the product.

Are Upsie Phone Warranties More Affordable Than NewEgg Warranties?

The exact prices and terms of a protection plan from either Upsie or NewEgg are paid per month. As just one example for comparison, look at the difference between a NewEgg SquareTrade warranty and an Upsie warranty:
  • Upsie: The plan costs $9.99 per month and has a $0 cracked screen repair deductible and a $109 deductible for other repairs.
  • SquareTrade: The plan costs $8.99 per month and has a $149 deductible for all repairs.
SquareTrade's deductible cost is one of the most expensive in the industry, while Upsie's is one of the most affordable. If you crack your screen, you'll pay $0 with Upsie, while SquareTrade will charge you $149.
Meanwhile, Upsie's phone warranty covers such common problems as cracked screens, water damage, connectivity issues, and power or battery failures. Also, after shopping for the perfect phone, there's no need to rush into choosing the best warranty. Upsie covers used, new, and old phones.
Besides phones, also look into Upsie extended warranties for computers, large and small appliances, fitness equipment, and electronics accessories.

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