Is Best Buy the Best Place to Buy a New Laptop Computer?

Best Buy has established itself as a common local and online destination for people who want to shop for laptops and other electronics. According to Statista, the company earned revenues of over $42 billion in 2020. Founded in 1966, Best Buy focuses mostly on over 1,200 stores in the US and an active online marketplace.
Since it’s so popular, lots of people wonder if Best Buy is the best place to buy a new laptop.

Why Buy Laptops From BestBuy?

Best Buy’s large selection, competitive prices, helpful salespeople, in-store support, and even credit card deals probably all contribute to their popularity. Certainly, lots more people turn to the internet to shop for laptops these days. However, plenty of computer shoppers prefer to visit a store to look at computers in person.
These are some great reasons to visit Best Buy to shop for laptops:
  • It’s one thing to read about a good display or responsive keyboard; however, a description can’t always replace actually experiencing various features.
  • Inside the store, customers can also get help from a salesperson before they commit to spending a few hundred to a few thousand dollars.
  • Sometimes, people urgently need a new laptop the same day, and that’s not usually an option with Amazon or another online-only retailer.
  • As an incentive to visit a BestBuy store, the company even offers a good trade-in program that issues gift cards in exchange for working laptops.
BestBuy probably retains its position as a go-to place to buy computers because they allow their customers to choose between shopping online or shopping locally. Even customers who have previously made in-store computer purchases may choose to buy from BestBuy’s website later because they already trust the brand.

Should BestBuy Customers Take Their Extended Warranty Option?

Almost everybody who has purchased a laptop at BestBuy also gets offered a BestBuy extended warranty. After spending a lot of time choosing the right laptop, customers may feel pressured to protect it with the in-store warranty option. However, it’s fair to compare BestBuy warranties against Upsie before making a decision.
Best Buy warranties offer decent protection against accidents, screen faults, power surges, and other common problems. They do require having Geek Squad, Best Buy’s in-store repair techs, fix the problems.
Really, when comparing Upsie Vs. Best Buy warranties, the first thing to notice is the price. For example, compare prices to cover a laptop that retails for about $499:
  • For a two-year protection plan, Best Buy charges over $80 more.
  • For a three-year protection plan, Best Buy charges over $90 more.
Plus, Upsie members don’t have to wait for business hours but can file claims 24-7 with a live agent on the phone or through their account online. Even more, Upsie gives its customers a choice between prepaid mail-in or certified local services. Upsie also includes coverage for accidental damage, screen problems, connectivity, power faults and much more. Upsie warranties are also transferable should you choose to sell your laptop in the future.
BestBuy offers pretty good warranty protection; however, Upsie gives their customers more comprehensive services and charges a lot less. BestBuy might be one of the best places to shop for a new computer. At the same time, Upsie offers the best extended warranties. Upsie also gives customers up to 60 days to buy their warranty, so there’s absolutely no reason to rush into a decision at the BestBuy sales counter.

How to Buy an Upsie Laptop Warranty

Visit the Upsie laptop warranty page to read the transparent plan prices and details. Then simply buy and register the warranty online. It just takes a few minutes and a copy or picture of the sales receipt. Besides laptops, Upsie also offers warranties for other types of computers, computer accessories, appliances, fitness machines and other electronics.

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Updated 3/22/22

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