How to Buy the Best Desktop Computer Warranty

The laptop market has boomed over the last decade. Finaria data showed a steady increase in laptop sales but a decline in desktop sales. Their analysts expect laptop sales to grow to $150 billion in total revenue by 2025. At the same time, they predict that desktop sales will drop to $54 billion.

Why People Still Buy Desktops for Homes and Businesses

As mobility continues to grow in importance and laptops get increasingly powerful, this trend towards laptops over desktops isn’t really surprising. Even today’s tablet computers and phones can provide plenty of computing power for many uses. But, at the same time, nobody should declare the desktop market dead. Except for mobility, desktops can still offer great value for their price in terms of processing power and other features.
For instance:
  • Desktops can provide more power, storage capacity, and customizable options.
  • Just because they don’t get moved around frequently and have larger, durable builds, desktops may last longer too.
  • According to TechRadar, consumers should expect to pay much more for a laptop than for a desktop with comparable features.

Why Desktops Won’t Grow Extinct Soon

Desktop computers have many important benefits. In fact, many people will buy a desktop computer to keep in their office and a laptop to take with them when they travel. In particular, gamers, homeschooled students, people who need multiple screens to work, and lots of others continue to buy desktops.
As an example, iBuyPower gaming desktops have grown increasingly popular with serious gamers. While some companies produce gaming laptops, gamers still tend to prefer powerful desktops.
Most people don’t have to make the choice between desktops and laptops. In many cases, a portable laptop compliments a stationary desktop computer. Additionally, many computers come with apps and cloud storage that make it easy to sync data and software for all sorts of devices, including desktops, laptops, and smartphones. It’s certainly too early to declare desktops extinct or even endangered. They’re just evolving to complement mobile computing.

Does Your Desktop Need Extended Desktop Computer Warranty?

At first, the limited desktop computer warranty that comes with a desktop might appear generous because they generally last for at least two years. Still, the fine print on these manufacturer’s warranties often only includes defects and specifically excludes some common threats, like liquid damage, accidents, and power surges. If coffee spills on a desktop, the consumer’s generally on their own to pay for repairs.
While PC owners should take care to protect their machines, accidents will happen. For instance, even typical surge protectors may not provide a guarantee against strong electrical storms.
In addition, limited warranties generally ask customers to ship their machines for service. This can increase the time it takes to get repairs made and prove inconvenient. Many customers would prefer to choose a local repair service. Instead, customers should look for a desktop computer warranty that includes extended protection to better protect their devices.

How to Buy the Best Extended Desktop Computer Warranty Protection

An extended warranty for desktop computers from Upsie will extend protection to cover power failures, wear, and malfunctions. Upsie also covers defects or problems with internal and external components.
In addition, Upsie has live reps on call 24-7 to help manage customer claims. With a choice of certified local or mail-in repairs, these protection plans also offer customers the flexibility to choose their service. All of this comes with no deductibles or fees. In fact, Upsie will even pay for two-day shipping both ways for the mail-in option.
At first glance, some people might think that they will have to pay a lot for this kind of service and protection. However, a quick comparison with other well-known warranty companies shows that Upsie actually charges up to 70 percent less. Since they sell directly to consumers, Upsie can pass on savings to their customers. In addition to desktops, Upsie also protects laptops and many other kinds of electronics.

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