Answers to Laptop Extended Warranty FAQs

Almost everybody relies on a laptop for work, school, entertainment, and/or communication these days. Experiencing problems that might put your computer out of service, or generate expensive repair bills, can negatively impact your life and productivity. Besides the expense of repairs, many people even struggle to find a qualified repair service in their local area.
A laptop insurance plan can prevent high, unexpected repair bills and even help customers secure quick repairs from certified shops. Still, most people don’t understand these protection plans very well, so they don’t know if they should buy one or not.
Start here with our laptop extended warranty FAQs. These solutions should make it easier to make important decisions that can help protect an investment in a new computer.

Do Laptops Already Come With Insurance Protection?

New or used laptops almost always come with a limited warranty from the manufacturer or retailer. However, these only protect the purchaser against manufacturing defects that occur during the short term of the initial warranty period.
The manufacturer does not intend to offer long-term, comprehensive protection. Instead, they simply want to provide their customers with assurance that they received a device in good working order. For example, a limited warranty generally won’t cover such accidental damage as shorts, liquid, or drops. In contrast, an extended warranty will last longer and may cover additional issues that limited warranties will exclude.
According to one Apple reseller, coffee and other liquid spills are the #1 laptop killer. A limited warranty that only covers defects won’t help pay to repair this kind of damage. Luckily there is a great laptop extended warranty option available.

Do Buyers Need to Purchase Laptop Insurance From Retailers or Manufacturers?

Extended warranty insurance protection costs extra and may give the purchaser a choice of coverage and plan length. While most people get offered extended warranties when they purchase laptops, the FTC says that consumers should consider the cost, term length, coverage, ease of making claims, and the reputation of the warranty company before making this additional purchase.
Consumers have every right to decline an extended warranty offer and to purchase protection from another warranty company if they choose.

How Does Laptop Insurance Work?

As with other kinds of insurance and warranty plans, the exact way that laptop insurance works will depend upon the warranty company, insured product, and plan. Upsie has earned a 4.6-star average rating on Google for reliable, affordable, and robust laptop insurance.
  • Buyers of new and qualified used laptops have up to 60 days after their purchase to buy and register Upsie laptop insurance protection. Note that new laptops must come with at least a 90-day limited warranty, and used devices need to have at least 30 days of limited warranty protection.
  • Call 24-7 to speak with a live representative and file a claim. When filing claims, customers get to choose between local or mail-in service. For mail-in service, Upsie will provide pre-paid, two-day shipping both ways.
  • Upsie coverage includes accidents, like drops, spills, and shorts. It also covers electrical, screen, mechanical, connectivity, and computer component failures. In the event that repairs aren’t possible, and no other claims have been made, Upsie will replace the laptop.
  • Note that Upsie charges less than top warranty competitors. They have a low $25 deductible for claims and absolutely no surprise fees.

How Do Laptop Buyers Get Started With Upsie Warranty Insurance Protection?

It’s easy to get started with Upsie:
  • Begin by visiting the Upsie laptop insurance page to answer a few questions about the laptop and to choose between two and three years of protection.
  • Browse the page to see transparent pricing and coverage details.
  • Finally, purchase your plan and activate the coverage by uploading a copy of the laptop sales receipt.
With so many types and brands of laptop computers on the market, it takes most people a while to settle on the best machine for their needs. With Upsie around, it’s easy to choose the right protection plan.

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