Best HP Laptop Warranty for Quick Computer Repairs

Whether you use your laptop for your work, personal life or both, access to quick repairs is a must. New laptops come with a small degree of coverage called a limited manufacturer warranty. Unfortunately, all limited warranties are precisely that – limited.
With that in mind, most manufacturers also offer a range of extended warranty plans. Extended warranties are designed to give consumers peace of mind. They extend coverage beyond the limited manufacturer warranty, which typically lasts 12 months for laptops.
With quick computer repairs a crucial requirement for many, it’s vital to ensure that any warranty incorporates such coverage. For complete protection, many laptop owners will need to upgrade for the best and most comprehensive access to help when they need it.

HP Care Pack for Computer Repairs

For HP laptop owners, there’s HP Care Pack. The company’s protection plans are available with fast, flexible repairs included. A choice of collection and return options is available when the worst happens, and HP promises to turn around most repairs within five business days on average.
HP can also arrange faster local repairs, although only as part of a further optional warranty upgrade. For an additional charge, a nearby HP technician will repair the laptop within three business days.
However, as HP owners look to upgrade their Care Pack coverage, the price, of course, goes up rapidly. With that, suitably comprehensive HP Care Pack protection can be prohibitively expensive for many laptop users.

Third-Party HP Laptop Warranty Options

Thankfully, numerous third-party options also exist. Third-party extended warranties and service contracts are great for those looking to lock in quick computer repairs as part of a package that’s suitably affordable. Some of the most common alternatives are those sold by big-box retailers.
Costco, Best Buy, Target and various other retailers offer a range of extended warranties. Yet, not all extended warranties are created equal, especially when it comes to third-party options. With or without an upgrade, not all big-box retailers’ extended warranties include all-important quick computer repairs.
At the same time, their deductibles can vary wildly, too. A deductible is a charge that customers must pay toward the cost of warranty-covered repairs – a fee which can be $100 or more in some instances. For that reason, it’s vital to check the small print, particularly surrounding quick computer repair provisions and deductible costs.

Choose Upsie for the Best Of Both Worlds

Offering comparable or superior coverage to both manufacturers and big-box retailers, Upsie is on hand to help take the fuss out of buying extended warranties. All Upsie HP laptop warranty packages include quick, local computer repairs.
What’s more, Upsie’s deductible is among the lowest out there at just $25 per claim. By comparison, customers who choose SquareTrade’s extended warranty service must pay $75 toward the cost of any repairs.

Quick Local HP Laptop Repairs

Upsie invites all customers to work with nearby certified repair shops to have their HP laptops fixed when necessary. Many manufacturers, big-box retailers, and other third-party warranty providers insist on faulty laptops being returned for diagnosis. However, Upsie is proud to offer prompt local repairs to every customer. Upon approval of your claim, the Upsie claims reps will even help you locate a shop and schedule an appointment.
Using a local repair shop speeds up the repair process massively. This means that your laptop will be fixed and back in working order in no time at all.

Ship in HP Laptops for Repair

Alternatively, customers can ship their laptop straight to Upsie’s certified repair center. Two-day, round-trip shipping is included at no extra cost. Upsie will also promptly send out a suitable box to ensure safe travels for customers’ HP laptops when they need to be shipped in for repair.
Whichever option customers choose, they’ll receive the quickest and most skilled repairs for their HP laptops.

Save up to 70% on Your HP Laptop Warranty With Upsie

Crucially, Upsie also offers savings of up to 70% by cutting out the middleman. They truly offer a service that’s more affordable without compromising coverage.
Upsie customers can call or fill out an online form 24/7/365 to start their claim. A real person will then immediately take up the case. Once approved, they’ll schedule an appointment with a local repair shop or make arrangements for shipping to Upsie’s central facility.
Furthermore, Upsie warranties are available for both used, refurbished and new HP laptops. Plan can be paid for upfront or in installments via PayPal.

Other Upsie Benefits

Upsie’s leading extended laptop computer warranty packages include a plethora of other benefits in addition to quick repairs. These benefits include complete protection against manufacturing defects, mechanical failures, screen cracks, drops, liquid spills, and all manner of other accidental mishaps.
Whatever goes wrong, the same five-star standard of care is available to all customers with HP laptops requiring the repair of their devices. If a repair isn’t possible, Upsie will even promptly replace faulty laptops at no extra cost following the necessary diagnostic testing.
Prices start from as little as $4.58 per month based on comprehensive three-year coverage for any new HP laptop costing up to $399.

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