What’s the Best Laptop Insurance Plan for 2021 and Beyond?

No matter which model, brand, or retailer a laptop comes from, one thing’s for certain: at the time of purchase, the buyer will get offered an extended warranty plan. That’s true for purchases made online or inside a store.
On the other hand, manufacturer warranties only last for a short time and generally will only cover defects. Thus, prudent buyers might consider several good reasons for buying a laptop extended warranty. For instance, they help pay for repairs after the limited warranty expires. Or they may offer broader coverage for things like accidents with convenient access to high-quality repair shops.

Do People Have to Buy a Laptop Warranty Where They Purchase Their Computer?

Even though manufacturers and retailers might aggressively offer laptop insurance with purchases, there’s no reason to assume that they will provide the best deal. Also, they’re not the only source for protection plans. As the FTC notes, nothing compels consumers to purchase a protection plan, and if they do, they don’t need to buy any specific plan.
Just like prudent shoppers spend time comparing laptops before they buy, it’s also a good idea to compare available warranties. For instance, Consumer Reports is rather skeptical of some laptop warranties. That’s why they suggest carefully reading the fine print. It’s important to understand both what’s covered and what kind of damage the warranty excludes. For example, some warranties for electronics exclude shorts or any kind of water damage.

Why Upsie Offers the Best Laptop Insurance for 2021

With the importance of comparing laptop extended warranties in mind, let us make the case that Upsie offers the best laptop warranties in 2021, just like they did for several previous years. Also, Upsie gives their customers up to 120 days to make up their minds, so they don’t need to make a hasty choice at the counter.

Upsie Makes it Easy to Compare and Buy a Laptop Warranty Online

Even though Upsie gives laptop buyers time to make up their minds, the company doesn’t hide any details about their plans, prices, and deductibles with arcane jargon or fine print. Instead, it takes just a couple of minutes to:
  • Visit the Upsie laptop extended warranty page
  • Answer a couple of questions about the laptop
  • View the clear terms and prices for two- and three-year plan options
  • Make a decision to pay for the extended warranty and register the laptop online

Upsie Makes it Convenient to Make Claims and Get Repairs Done

With Upsie, customers can choose to file claims online or over the phone. If the customer calls, they can speak with a customer service rep to ask questions or file a claim 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Even more, Upsie will offer their customers a choice of local or mail-in repairs. Either way, Upsie covers certified techs and pays for two-day shipping for mail-in service.
Upsie knows that their customers don’t want to wait to get their laptop repaired but also want to make certain that the job gets done well. That’s why they make it convenient to make claims and offer flexible repair choices.

Upsie Offers Broad and Robust Coverage for All Kinds of Repairs

In addition to defects, early wear, and electrical or screen problems, Upsie even covers accidental damage caused by drops or spills. They cover connectivity, power, or screen issues and much more. In some cases, the cost of repairs for certain kinds of damage might not make sense. Then, Upsie will cheerfully replace the damaged device.

Upsie Charges Less Than Other Name-Brand Competitors

Some people might assume that they would have to pay more for premium customer service and broad coverage. Actually, Upsie charges less for laptop warranties than such well-known competitors as SquareTrade, Best Buy, and NewEgg.
Even so, Upsie members only have to pay a $25 deductible before the protection plan covers the rest of the cost of repairs. In contrast, SquareTrade has a $75 deductible.

Don’t Wait to Compare Upsie Laptop Warranties

Upsie covers almost all brands of new and qualified used laptops. Just visit this laptop warranty page to select the brand. Besides laptops, Upsie also has warranties for smartphones, desktop computers, and many other kinds of electronics, accessories, appliances, and other gadgets.

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