5 Reasons to Buy Laptop Insurance for Your New Purchase

Most people consider computers to be core products that enhance their lives, whether they use them for work, shopping, personal organization, or gaming. You probably feel the same way and, anytime you buy something of value, the idea of buying insurance probably crosses your mind. Since computers often cost a great deal—even at the lower end of the price range – they can put a dent in some budgets. It’s sensible to buy an accompanying, high-quality laptop insurance plan to keep your machine safe, up, and running to ensure that it is available when you need it.

5 Reasons Why You Need Laptop Insurance

Are you unsure about buying laptop insurance? You might occasionally see conflicting information regarding electronic device insurance policies. So you should check out more reasons why you need laptop insurance to keep your PC or Apple machine in good condition for as long as you need it.
Here are five reasons why laptop insurance is worth the investment.

1. Your Laptop’s Manufacturer Limited Warranty Doesn’t Count As Insurance and Is Truly Limited

When it comes down to it, your manufacturer’s limited warranty lives up to at least one part of its name. It is limited, notes Lemonade, covering primarily things the manufacturer might have gotten wrong while in production. The manufacturer might cover things like hard drive failures and defective keyboards, but don’t count on much beyond that. And don’t forget that it only lasts for one year, further cementing its “limited” status. These basic warranties don’t do anything to help if you have an accident, spilling water on your computer or cracking your screen. What’s worse is that your home insurance or renter’s insurance won’t touch the issue either. Therefore, you’re stuck with a cracked screen for the life of your laptop since accidental damages are considered “negligence,” thus adding insult to injury.

2. Accidents Will and Do Happen All the Time

Electronic devices have become an interwoven part of daily life for many people today. Most remote workers using their laptop keep it open and in front of them while stopping for lunch, a snack, or a cup of coffee while finishing up a project. Just do a Google search for “What do I do if I spilled water on my laptop keyboard?” You’ll find yourself in good company if you’ve had a spill of your own at some point. Again, your manufacturer’s limited warranty won’t help here. However, you can get help when you buy a laptop extended warranty that specifically covers accidents like spills, drops, and other damages. With the right policy, you can work with your provider to make your claim, find a local technician to perform the repair, and if they can’t repair the problem, they’ll replace the laptop.

3. Many Laptops Are Fragile

It isn’t to say laptops that are fragile aren’t well-made, but many of today’s laptops have complex moving parts that you need to consider and protect. With an insurance policy, you can buy the laptop you need, including all the bells and whistles that boost work productivity or gaming prowess. And you can do it without worrying about the smallest ding or another issue that might bring your session to a grinding halt.

4. Your Laptop Is an Investment

As far back as 2015, 73% of Americans owned a desktop or laptop computer. Given the increasing number of remote workers, gamers, and online shoppers, the number has increased greatly. However, buying a new computer isn’t something most hardworking people take lightly. It often calls for making a dent in your budget and sacrificing some other use of hard-earned money. You don’t want to dip into your savings for a valuable computer for it to end up with a fried hard drive after a water spill. A carefully chosen insurance policy will protect your investment and help ensure your productivity without worry.

5. There Are Some Great Laptop Insurance Policies Available

When you look beyond the manufacturer’s limited warranty, you’ll find there are some great options for laptop insurance that protect your device from spills, drops, and other accidents that can halt productivity and cause you serious anxiety. Electronics insurance providers like Upsie offer insurance policies in the form of extended warranties in a two- or three-year package. They cover accidents and promise to repair the most common but productivity-stopping damages like spills and drops, screen burn-in, and dead pixels.
Contact the Upsie customer service team at 877-844-7745 to learn more about Upsie’s industry-leading extended laptop warranties.

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