Best MacBook for College Students and How to Protect Them

College students and their families have placed their faith in Apple products for several decades. The MacBook is no exception. For the past 15 years the MacBook has supported college students in their academic pursuits. Of course, there are several models within the line that serve each college students’ needs and budget, notes Laptop Mag.

Choose the Best MacBook for College Students to Ensure Peak Productivity

Do you need a new MacBook to support your academic pursuits that also helps you relax with your favorite downtime hobbies? It might come down to a decision between MacBook Pro and MacBook Air before choosing the specifications you need.
There are several options, and it can take up a lot of valuable time you probably don’t have to spare trying to figure out which is best for you. Take a look at some excellent Apple machines to learn what they can do for you and how you can protect the model you choose with an Upsie extended laptop warranty.

MacBook Pro

Here are a few models to give you an idea of the type of value a MacBook Pro can add to your academic career:
  • The 16-Inch MacBook Pro: Often a favorite of artists, designers and engineers who need more power and functionality, the 16-inch MacBook Pro features plenty of screen space and work surface area. It also works well with programs like Final Cut Pro and Photoshop to support creative course work. Students who choose this Pro model often opt for at least 16 GB of RAM to support multitasking but can increase memory to 32 GB or 64 GB as needed and with additional costs. This model is perfect if you are pursuing these types of studies and want to stay sharp and competitive, but keep in mind they are expensive and heavier to carry.
  • The 13-Inch MacBook Pro: This model can do much of what the 16-inch can do but with slightly less power, weight, RAM and price. While you won’t have as much workspace or as large a screen, you can perform the tasks you need for your school study program. RAM specifications start at 8 GB and go up to a maximum of 32 GB. The power is significantly less than the 16-inch at 1.4GHz quad-core 8th-generation Intel Core i5. The chances are good that you will have plenty of power with this version. However, assess your course of study and personal goals in your field to determine how much power you’ll need.
Many students opt for refurbished or second hand MacBook Pro laptops to find a great deal on a high-quality machine for a price they can afford. The best part is that, if you choose to buy a used laptop, you can invest in a used laptop warranty to make sure it boosts you to success in college!

MacBook Air

The MacBook Air focuses more on serving college students in programs that require less computing power. It is more of a study laptop than a workhorse. So if you need to write your term papers and do research, a MacBook Air might be the perfect option for you and your budget. There’s no need to buy an ultra-powerful, heavy and expensive machine if you will never use all that it has to offer. A basic MacBook Air costs an average of $899 (with student discount pricing) and features a 13.3-inch high-resolution retina display and updated Apple Silicon M1 chip.
Keep in mind that, while the Air doesn’t have the same power as the Pro, it is still a powerful and fast machine, so you won’t feel like you have chosen the lesser laptop. You’ll just appreciate the lighter weight, portability and smaller price tag. You can pick up a used MacBook Air for $500. Then, to make sure it will go the distance, buy an affordable warranty.

Invest in a Warranty to Protect Your MacBook!

No matter what type of MacBook you choose, it is essential that you invest in an Upsie extended warranty for your peace of mind. Upsie’s plans typically cost less than AppleCare+ without compromising coverage. See, an Apple product is always a sound investment, but an accident can happen anytime with a new, used or refurbished laptop. So make sure you are covered with protection against drops, bumps, spills, or manufacturing defects. All covered claims can be repaired locally at a Genius Bar or at one of Upsie’s certified repair centers. Alternately, ship it to Upsie with a prepaid label and secure box sent to your door. And if your machine can’t be fixed Upsie will replace it!
Contact the Upsie customer service team to learn more about warranties to keep your MacBook safe!

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