Details and Specs for the iMac 24 Inch All-In-One Desktop

Even tech reviewers have a hard time believing that Apple managed to pack both a high-resolution monitor and a high-performance processor in one sleek, lightweight, and stylish unit. The iMac 24-inch desktop computer would hardly look out of place in a modern art museum or The Jetson’s apartment. Take a look at more details and specs for this computer to see if it’s time to order one in green, yellow, silver, purple, blue, or pink!

Details and Specs for the iMac 24-Inch Desktop

Wired mentioned that the iMac 24-inch desktop represents the first dramatic Mac change in years. On the plus side, Apple remained consistent with their philosophy of ensuring everything works out of the box. Apple’s “it just works” philosophy even includes such surprising details as finding the keyboard and mouse already paired with the main computer.
According to Tom’s Guide, the iMac 24-inch desktop computer comes with these basic specs:
  • Memory: RAM starts at 8GB, with an optional upgrade to 16GB.
  • Display: The 24-inch Retina display offers 4480×2250 resolution.
  • Processor: The computer includes an Apple M1 chip. The base model has an eight-core CPU and seven-core CPU, and buyers can upgrade to an eight-core GPU.
  • Storage: Storage for the base model includes 256GB. Upgrades include 256GB, 1TB, and 2TB SSD.
The entire device weighs less than 10 pounds. The computing components rest under the device’s screen, so it doesn’t come with a separate tower. For peripherals, the new iMac 24 includes two Thunderbolt USB-C ports, one headphone jack, and an Ethernet port. An upgrade offers two more USB-C ports.

How Much Does an Apple iMac 24-Inch Desktop Cost?

Most reviewers loved their experience with the latest iMac desktop computer. They mainly commented that the price appeared fairly steep. For instance:
  • The base model starts at $1,299. It only comes in four colors and ships with a Magic Keyboard and no support for Touch ID.
  • The next upgrade costs $1,499 and offers a Magic Keyboard with Touch ID, two USB-C ports, and an eight-core GPU.
  • The priciest model costs $1,699 and provides 512GB of storage and everything that comes with the mid-level upgrade.
  • An upgrade to 16GB of RAM, the Magic Mouse, and Magic Trackpad will cost extra. Fully loaded, the iMac 24-inch desktop would cost about $2,300.
  • It’s impossible to upgrade the computer’s memory afterwards, so if anybody wants to future-proof their iMac with 16GB of RAM, they should consider spending an extra $200 at the time of purchase.

Does the iMac 24-inch Desktop Offer Good Value?

Truly notable features of the new iMac desktop include superior sound, performance, and display. It’s also a sleek and stylish device that most computer buyers would feel proud to show off. This PC represents the first time Apple included the M1 chip in an iMac, so it’s a dramatic upgrade over earlier models.
Savvy computer shoppers may only hesitate to purchase this new computer because of the price. For instance, a desktop PC generally costs less than a comparable laptop. Consumers can find plenty of cheaper computers that also offer decent specs but might not come in quite as many colors.

The Best Apple iMac Desktop Warranty

With accessories, the new iMac can easily cost over $2,000. An AppleCare+ extended warranty may add another $300 to the price for three years of protection. AppleCare+ also limits accidental damage claims to two per year, and some incidents may cause more than one type of damage. As an example, a bump that damaged the screen, case, and another component could count as three claims.
Instead, consider buying a more affordable iMac extended warranty from Upsie. Their plans cost a fraction of the price. Furthermore, they do not charge a deductible and you can make numerous claims, up to the cost of the iMac purchase price. Upsie offers a choice between certified local or mail-in repairs, too, even at the Apple Genius Bar. Lastly, Upsie offers a 24-7 claims line that’s staffed by live representatives.
Even though the iMac costs a lot, the powerful and elegant iMac 24-inch desktop might provide some people with the perfect desktop. In turn, Upsie offers the best service and coverage to protect that investment.

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