Five Must-Haves for Any iMac Warranty

Owners around the world adore Apple’s iconic iMacs. The entire iMac range offers stylish looks and high-performance computing in an attractive, all-in-one package. As such, they’re perfectly suited to endless creative applications. However, all of this comes—quite literally—at a price.
For example, Apple’s fully-loaded, range-topping 27-inch iMac currently costs over $8,000. Even the entry-level 21.5-inch model costs more than $1,000. Moreover, prices across the range are now set to increase further. This increase comes as Apple switches out the Intel processors in its iMacs in favor of its breakthrough M1 chip.

Apple iMac Warranty Must-Haves

With this in mind, watertight extended warranties have never been more important. The most effective way to safeguard any piece of high-end tech, iMac owners have a number of choices to explore. That said, it’s vital, first and foremost, that they look to lock in several crucial features.
These features include protection against mechanical and power failures, liquid damage, and screen faults and cracks. Similarly important, meanwhile, is insurance in respect to motherboard complications and other internal issues. The same is also true of comprehensive repair and replacement provisions.
Why are these features so important? Read on to find out.

Mechanical and Power Failures

Mechanical and power failures can instantly render any iMac completely useless. Thankfully, most warranty providers comprehensively cover such breakdowns. Often costly to fix, ensure that protection also extends to power shorts, internal cord replacement, and any other non-serviceable parts.

Liquid Damage

Any iMac owner’s worst nightmare, and less widely covered, are liquid spills. When looking for the best iMac computer warranty, search for one that comprehensively covers liquid damage. Liquid spills can, of course, be catastrophic. And realistically, everyone has a glass of water, cup of coffee or soda by them when they work or play. So, be sure not to settle for a warranty package that lacks insurance against spills.
It makes sense to assume that extended warranty cover with insurance against liquid damage would be decidedly costly. However, by shopping around, it’s possible to find cover in this regard that’s cheaper than one might imagine.

Screen Faults and Cracks

Fortunately, screen faults aren’t particularly prevalent among the latest iMacs. Many extended warranty providers are therefore happy to cover a plethora of display problems as a result. Yet, it’s essential to check the small print for things like dead pixels. If dead pixels aren’t covered, move on, as cover in other areas is likely to be lacking, too.
Wherever possible, always lock in coverage against cracked screens resulting from accidents. Insurance against cracks often goes hand in hand with liquid damage protection. Ensure that cover in both of these areas is included for optimal peace of mind.

Motherboard and Other Internal Issues

Next, and further grounds for delving into the small print, is protection against motherboard failures and other internal issues. Look specifically for coverage surrounding Wi-Fi and RAM failures. Clearly outlined protection here often bodes well for insurance against all manner of other internal complications.
If coverage against defects and failures concerning logic boards, graphics cards, chips, fans, and rotors is also outlined in black and white, even better.

Repair and Replacement Provisions

Finally, repair and replacement provisions. Of course, all extended warranty providers will look to repair a faulty device. How they handle this, however, is important. Some companies only offer support via a central repair facility. In these instances, it’s necessary to ship in your iMac for diagnosis and repair. A preferable option, therefore, is assistance through a certified local repair shop.
Better still is the inclusion of access to Genius Bar repairs. A staple of AppleCare+, some independent extended warranty providers also offer Genius Bar repairs for iMacs and other Apple devices. Upsie, as an example, grants full access to Genius Bar repairs for customers with iMacs, iPhones, iPads and AirPods.

The Best iMac Computer Warranty

Many iMac owners simply choose to upgrade to AppleCare+ once their limited one-year warranties expire. Though comprehensive, AppleCare+ coverage for iMacs can be extremely costly. What’s more, customers may find that they’re further hit with unexpected service fees when making a claim.

AppleCare+ Alternatives

Another option is cover provided by big-box retailers such as Costco, Best Buy, and Target. Less costly than AppleCare+ in some cases, it’s crucial to check any terms and conditions. These checks are vital as levels of cover vary wildly between brands. With that, things like accidental damage protection and support via certified local repairers may not be included by default.

Dedicated Third-Party Warranty Providers

A third option to explore is dedicated, independent warranty providers. SquareTrade, for example, offers a choice of iMac warranties. Limitations, though, mean that some customers may be left exposed to risk unless they upgrade to more costly levels of cover.
Upsie, meanwhile, offers comprehensive protection that’s both straightforward and inexpensive. The company’s cover is comparable to that provided via AppleCare+ and largely superior to packages sold by other vendors.

Why Choose a Provider Like Upsie?

With Upsie, customers can save up to 70% on the cost of a comprehensive iMac warranty. This comes as its team works tirelessly to cut out any unnecessary expenses or middlemen. As a result, Upsie’s superior iMac coverage is often upwards of two-thirds cheaper than comparable protection from elsewhere.
All of the above five must-haves for any iMac warranty are included. Upsie customers also benefit from competitive deductibles and a choice of two- or three-year terms. Industry-leading accident protection is standard, as are unlimited 24/7 claims up to the cost of a new iMac.
Again, Genius Bar access is also included, and where repair costs aren’t viable, customers will receive a no-cost replacement. Coverage is available for all iMacs up to a value of $2,999. Clear and transparent extended warranty prices for iMacs, MacBooks, and more can be found in full at

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