Five Reasons to Warranty Your Computer Monitor

Extended warranties for PCs and laptops are a must-have for many people. But what about when it comes to monitors? All too often, consumers overlook accessories like monitors, printers, and scanners. Yet, these all-important accessories are invariably fundamental.
If a PC’s monitor, in particular, goes faulty, the computer itself is rendered useless until it can be repaired or replaced. And with additional displays now commonplace among laptop owners, losing a crucial second screen can prove to be a real headache. It’s for these reasons and various others that an extended warranty for your computer monitor is so important.
To demonstrate, we’ve put together a list of five key reasons to warranty your computer monitor in 2022, starting with price.

Reason #1: Monitors Are Becoming Increasingly Expensive

Bigger, brighter, and more energy-efficient monitors are now more expensive than ever. Flagship models, like Samsung’s massive 49-inch Odyssey Neo G9 gaming monitor, cost up to $2,500. And while that’s a pretty extreme example, even more run-of-the-mill options can today cost several hundred dollars.
That means it’s now possible to spend as much on a monitor as on a PC or laptop. As such, it’s vital that both are protected with a suitable extended warranty, not just one or the other.

Reason #2: They’re Becoming Increasingly High-Tech, Too

Many of today’s best-selling monitors are more high-tech than ever. The same cutting-edge innovations that have seen prices increase have also made them more and more complicated under the hood. With that, they’re becoming increasingly costly to repair.
Most current-generation monitors now rely on specialist attention in the event of even minor faults. An extended warranty is, therefore, a great way to safeguard against the risk of costly repairs should one or more issues arise even two or three years down the line.

Reason #3: TV Warranties Are Commonplace, So Why Aren’t Warranties for Monitors?

Millions of people see the value of an extended TV warranty for their much-loved and much-watched sets. Traditionally, television sets have been more complicated than smaller computer monitors. But with monitors now bigger and more feature-packed than ever before, there’s less and less difference between the two products.
Potentially afflicted by many of the same issues, if there’s value to be seen in an extended TV warranty, then the same surely applies when it comes to monitors, right?

Reason #4: PC Warranties Don’t Cover Displays

An extended PC warranty is, of course, all well and good. But it could count for almost nothing if a computer’s monitor goes faulty and isn’t covered as well. Remember, PC warranties don’t generally cover accessories like monitors, printers, scanners, and modems. And if your monitor stops working, you can’t use your computer.
The best solution, then, is to pick up a warranty for all of the most essential components as a minimum. For most people, that will be a PC and its display.
Elsewhere, and while laptops’ built-in screens are, of course, covered as a part of all extended laptop warranties, any secondary displays won’t be. So, for those who rely on a larger, plugged-in monitor or a second screen, an extended warranty for each aspect of any such setup is crucial.

Reason #5: Extended Warranty Coverage Is Now More Affordable Than Ever

While the cost of top-selling monitors and any necessary repairs continue to go up, there’s good news elsewhere. That’s because the all-important extended warranties required to protect them are now more affordable than ever.
While costly in-store warranties and overpriced solutions from big-box retailers are still as expensive as ever, consumers now have another option at their disposal. Committed to disrupting the existing extended warranty market, Upsie’s prices are up to 70 percent lower.

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Each of Upsie’s extended laptop and computer warranty solutions includes coverage against manufacturing defects, mechanical faults, and other failures for up to three years. This is true for extended computer accessory warranty packages, too.
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