How to Buy the Best Computer Monitor Warranty

Computer buyers often spend a lot of time researching graphics cards and GPUs. At the same time, they completely overlook how much the quality of their computer monitor will impact visuals. Here’s the deal – high-quality computer monitors aren’t cheap, even when compared to the investment made in the actual computer. At the same time, even the best monitors are vulnerable to damage, wear, and other common problems.
Learn how to find the best computer monitor, deal with common monitor problems, and where to buy the best monitor warranty.

Who Makes the Best Computer Monitors in 2021?

Obviously, the choice of the monitor will depend upon anticipated uses, preferences, and budgets. To know what to expect, look at some choices in various price ranges.

Are There Good Computer Monitors Under $200?

As an example, CNET rated the 27-inch LG 27ML600M-B as one of the best general-purpose choices for budget-minded folks. Though it’s not really considered a gaming monitor, it has features that can provide an adequate gaming experience. For some examples, the monitor is somewhat brighter than similarly priced models and has a photo mode that improves its color accuracy.
Expect to find this LG monitor retailing for between $150 and $200. When it goes on sale, it tends to sell out quickly. People who want to take advantage of discounts usually need to act fast.

What’s a Well-Designed Monitor Under $500?

As the name implies, HP’s Omen 27i has a 27-inch screen. It’s part of HP’s Omen gaming line, but CNET considered the 27i a good, all-around monitor choice that’s useful for school, work, streaming, and of course, gaming. Expect to find it retailing for between $450 and $500, depending upon the store. The biggest drawback includes the relatively expensive price and lack of any built-in speakers.

What Are Common Problems With Computer Monitors?

From a user perspective, computer monitors appear simple. In a perfect world, users should just plug them in, turn them on, and look at them. This list highlights some common, real-world problems with computer monitors:
  • Intermittent shutoffs: In this case, the monitor will abruptly turn itself off, often at the most inconvenient times. Of course, it’s best to first check power cords and outlets. However, if the monitor feels hot, it could indicate an overheating power converter.
  • Screen cracks or spots: Fragile screens on computer monitors or almost any sort of device represent one of the most common problems. It doesn’t take much to damage them, and broken ones need replacements.
  • Dead pixels: Sometimes one or only a few pixels on a monitor will go dark or in other cases, get stuck on just one color. Typically, the screen panel needs replacement to resolve the problem.
  • Malfunctioning buttons and connections: For all the thought that they put into making high-resolution monitors, many manufacturers still use surprisingly cheap parts for buttons and connections. After several months of use, many monitors can have worn power buttons or plugs.
If these problems occur right out of the box, it’s a good idea to take advantage of the seller’s or manufacturer’s limited warranty. These should ensure that the device arrived free from defects. Sadly, many issues only show up after several months to a few years of use.

How to Buy the Best Extended Warranty for a Computer Monitor

The kind of limited warranties that come with computer monitors, other computer accessories, and even computers rarely cover anything but manufacturer defects.
For the owners of these monitors, this means:
  • The warranty provider will rarely help pay for repairs for the kind of screen problems that they can argue resulted from damage, no matter how little impact it can sometimes take to scratch or crack a computer screen.
  • They also won’t cover power problems caused by shorts or worn buttons and plugs. Find out more about why limited warranties aren’t enough for computers and computer accessories.
In contrast, Upsie provides an extended warranty that helps pay for common wear, power failure, and manufacturing defects. Even better, customers can choose between two or three years of coverage and have up to 60 days after purchasing a monitor to buy a protection plan.
Besides offering computer monitor warranties, Upsie will also help protect computers, other kinds of electronics, and even many types of appliances. Spend time researching the best computer monitor and then make sure it’s protected by the best warranty!

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Updated 3/22/22

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