How to Keep the Inside of Your Desktop PC Clean

Most computer users can see when the outside of their PC, monitor, and other components get dirty. They may use a damp rag, mild detergent, or even a pressurized can of air duster spray to clean them.
But what about the inside of personal computers? Do they get dirty?

Should PC Owners Clean the Insides of Their Computers?

According to PC World, the insides of personal computers can get dirty. The computer’s cooling fans bring air into the computer to cool it off. At the same time, they will also suck in airborne dust and other contaminants. Households with pets, smokers, or other sources of airborne pollutants will find that all of these kinds of debris will make it inside of their computer through the fans.
Noisy fans are often the first indicator that it’s time to clean the inside of your computer. However, it is best to clean it before problems start.
Some computer users might only need to clean the computer’s case once a year. But people who live in an environment with high dust or pollution should do so every month or so.

How to Clean the Inside of a Desktop PC

Either take the computer outside or into a ventilated space in the home. This procedure will probably send some dust back into the air, and a mask can prevent irritation or allergic reactions. Doing this job outside will keep the grime from making it back into the inside air. Add a can of compressed air, cotton swabs, paper towels, and pure rubbing alcohol to the cleaning kit.
Some computers have dust filters over the vents, and cleaning them may prove as simple as taking them off, rinsing them out with lukewarm water, and drying them in the air. If the filters don’t come out, try to wipe off visible dirt with a paper towel.
To clean the fan:
  • Open the case.
  • Hold the can of compressed air a few inches away and use short blurts of air.
  • Lightly dampen the cotton swabs or a paper towel to remove grime from other components.
  • Avoid excess moisture on swabs or towels to keep any liquid from dripping into the delicate components.

The Importance of Keeping PC Internal Parts Clean

Laptop computers can also get dirty on the inside, so users should also keep the fan, filters, and other components free of dust. Still, a dusting of laptop vents might prove sufficient for laptops but not for desktop computers.
According to Norton, desktop PCs tend to last longer than laptops. A desktop’s five-year lifespan will give it more opportunity to get dirty than a laptop’s three-year average lifespan. In either case, dust and debris can keep cooling fans from working and in time, damage the fans. Keeping the internals clean can offer one of the best solutions for extending the device’s lifespan.

Do Computers Need Extended Warranties?

Keeping the inside of a computer clean can help preserve its lifespan and performance. Even people who take excellent care of their PCs run into problems from time to time because of worn parts, defects, and accidents.
A two- or three-year extended warranty for PCs from Upsie prevents unexpected repair costs and ensures timely access to certified repairs. Upsie’s 24-7 claims by phone, affordable plan prices, and robust coverage for all types of damage make this warranty company the clear choice.

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