How to Select the Best Gaming PC Setup

Gamers are often particular about their setups, and many end up building their own gaming machines to reach their personal standards. Of course, starting from scratch by building a PC has its advantages, but most people turn to off-the-shelf computers and components first.
To simplify this topic, this article will cover pre-built gaming computers and common accessories that will help gamers feel more comfortable with their gaming PC setup.

Choosing the Best Gaming PC

Obviously, gamers have diverse expectations for their gaming PC setup. Gamers should consider how the gaming rig will probably get used before shopping around for the best fit.
Some typical questions to think about might include:
  • Is portability important?
  • What are the graphics and processing requirements for some favorite games?
  • Is it a good idea to future-proof the PC to ensure it can handle new games and tech?
  • Will the PC have other uses, like streaming videos?
  • How much money is in the budget?

Suggestions for Good Gaming PCs for Different Gamers

It makes sense to separate portable laptops and desktop computers into their own categories of gaming PCs. Some manufacturers make high-performance gaming laptops, but desktops generally offer more performance for less money.

Desktop Gaming PCs

To get an idea of available options, consider these gaming desktop PCs at various price ranges:
  • SkyTech Archangel II: Starting at about $640, this budget-friendly gaming desktop can offer decent performance for older and most modern games.
  • ABS Mage H: For about $1,600, the Mage H should perform well for almost all modern games and is capable of multitasking.
  • Acer Predator P09-900: Expect at least a decade of future-proof gaming, including virtual reality, for about $6,000.

Gaming Laptop PCs

Compare the value provided by desktop gaming PCs to these popular gaming laptops:
  • Acer Predator Helios: The graphics card should handle most modern games, and for about $950, the Predator Helios will deliver plenty of processing power for some multitasking.
  • AORUS 15-X9-RT4AD: For just about $1,600, this AORUS computer offers solid graphics and performance and should handle new and upcoming games for at least a few years.
  • Alienware Area 51M: This Alienware laptop PC should satisfy avid gamers’ graphics and performance requirements for years in the future. Depending on specs, expect to pay from about $2,500 to $3,500.

Gaming PC Setup Accessories

After purchasing a gaming PC, think about the accessories that can help provide a more satisfactory, immersive, or even comfortable experience. Laptop users may not want to load up on accessories when they’re mobile, but some extras can make gaming more enjoyable at home.
Some gamers may decide between using their keyboard and mouse or controllers. Upsie offers a good perspective on this question by saying that some people find controllers or joysticks more comfortable and accessible, but the traditional keyboard and mouse setup offers more control.
Other accessories to consider include gaming chairs, monitors, headphones, VR headsets, speakers, and microphones. Of course, make sure to buy a durable bag to protect portable gaming laptops and accessories.

Who Should Buy Extended Warranties for Gaming PC Setups?

In general, gamers need better graphics, higher performance, and more storage space. In other words, gaming PCs can function as regular PCs. However, not all regular PCs will have the specs to satisfy gaming requirements.
A budget-friendly gaming PC will generally cost a few hundred dollars more than a low-priced regular PC. Luckily, gamers can protect their gaming PC and setups by purchasing an extended warranty from Upsie.
With a gaming PC extended warranty from Upsie, gamers can protect their setups from unexpected repair bills and ensure access to reputable repair services. Upsie’s extended warranties cost up to 70 percent less than warranties offered by competitors. Even better, Upsie offers live claims representatives on call 24-7, local and mail-in repairs, and protection against defects, accidents, and wear.
In addition, Upsie offers warranties for gaming consoles, controllers, smartphones, and more.

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