Hp Versus Epson Printer Comparison

If you’re in the market for a new printer, you’re likely to see two brands repeatedly. HP and Epson are two of the biggest printer manufacturers, creating some of the most popular options for standard ink-jet printers. All printers may seem similar, but you should be aware of some big variations between models and brands. Some factors include cost-effectiveness, scan quality, and ease of use. Here’s how two big names in the printer world, HP versus Epson, compare in some of these categories.


Epson and HP produce quality printers for competitive prices, but HP is known to produce decent printers for very affordable prices. Some are even under $100. However, you shouldn’t just consider the price of the printer but also the cost of ink and ink cost per page. HP’s cost per page is about 9.2 cents, and they are known to have the most expensive ink costs on the market.
Epson printers have a low cost per page, normally around 6.9 cents. Epson also has an EcoTank printer that uses ink bottles instead of ink cartridges. With this, the ink lasts much longer, which saves you money and is better for the environment.

Print Speed

Most inkjet printers will have similar printing speeds when printing standard black and white documents. But if you print many graphics, HP and Epson have different graphics printing speeds. For example, Epson prints about 5.1 pages a minute while HP prints half that many, at about 2.6 pages a minute.

Scanning and Copying

Epson and HP are similar in their capabilities to copy, but HP is slightly more reliable for scanning. In addition, HP printers can turn physical documents into crisp PDFs. On the other hand, some Epson printers may produce PDFs that are a bit blurry.

WiFi Connection

Wireless printers are fantastic, especially since many people print from wireless devices such as laptops, tablets, and smartphones. However, sometimes getting a printer connected to your home internet can be a bit of a hassle. HP makes connecting, maintaining, and printing wirelessly a breeze with their HP Smart app. This is a great article to learn more about HP and how to connect printers to WiFi.
Connecting an Epson printer to Wifi isn’t necessarily difficult, but it’s not as user-friendly as HP. If you have an Epson product, here’s how to connect a printer to WiFi:
  • First, hit the home button on your device’s touchpad, then click the WiFi icon.
  • Select “Wifi (Recommended)” then “Start Setup” or “Change Settings.” Now select “Wi-Fi Setup Wizard.”
  • Select your WiFi network. If it’s not shown, select “Enter Manually” and type in your WiFi network’s name. Note: It is caps sensitive.
  • Select the password field and type in your WiFi password. When finished, press “OK” and “Start Setup.”

What’s the Best Home Printer

Whether you purchase an HP or Epson, you’ll likely get a quality printer. However, Epson’s are much more cost-effective, and you will probably save money with an Epson down the road. Epson’s also have the fastest print speed. Meanwhile, HPs have the highest ink costs, but if you plan on using it for scanning, an HP is a better option because it’s easier to use.
Overall, choosing the best home printer for you comes down to what your priorities are. For example, an Epson may be right for you if you need a basic printer, want to save money, and are okay with a slightly more difficult WiFi connection process. However, HP is the way to go if you need to do a lot of scanning and are okay with higher ink costs.

Protect Your Home Printer with Upsie

Now that you know the difference between HP versus Epson, it’s also important to note that any printer is liable to break. Therefore, it’s important to be prepared in case of damage or malfunction. That’s why many people purchase printer extended warranties from Upsie. Upsie can save customers up to 70% on extended warranties and will cover mechanical and manufacturing defects during the warranty period. You can choose between a 2- and 3-year plan with no deductible.
If you have to submit a claim, simply fill out the online form or call Upsie's claims center, which is open 24-7-365. Once your claim is approved, you can make your printer into a local certified repair technician for a quick fix or send it to Upsie’s repair center with free 2-day shipping. So whether you buy an HP or Epson printer, Upsie is the best way to protect your device.

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