How to Fix and Protect Your Printer if Troubleshooting Fails

Here’s the good news: new printers typically work better than they did just a few years ago. In particular, manufacturers have made connecting wireless printers more reliable and intuitive. People who are still struggling with a printer they bought three to ten years ago might want to consider reducing their aggravation by purchasing a new one.
Still, printing processes fail from time to time, so it’s handy to have a quick printer troubleshooting guide and to ensure you protect your printer against a variety of damage.

Quick Troubleshooting Tips to Fix Your Printer

Microsoft found that printer users still sometimes struggle with connection problems. In other words, properly installed and connected printers appear to randomly lose their ability to communicate over WiFi.
Some quick fixes for printer connection problems might include:
  • Check to ensure the printer is on and connected to the same network as the computer. Also, make certain that the printer is set as the default or the selected printer for the print job.
  • Turn the printer on and off, and then give it time to fully restart. Also, clear the print queue and start the print request again.
  • Delete and then re-add the printer to the computer. Sometimes, it’s prudent to also reset the computer that requested the print job and ensure it’s connected to the network.
Also, ensure that a connection failure really caused the problem. Sometimes, the printer has thrown an error code. Most commonly, paper jams or even a simple empty paper tray cause problems. So before worrying about connection problems, make certain the paper is properly loaded and free from jams.

Are There Good, Budget-Friendly Printers?

For any printer, consider both the printer and ink or toner cost when making the best budget-friendly decision. Very often, printer manufacturers will dramatically cut their sales prices because they know their customers will rely upon them for ink purchases for many years in the future. Also, they usually only include a small ink cartridge or partially filled toner cartridge in the initial purchase, so it’s a good idea to pick up ink and toner refills at the time of purchase.
TechRadar suggested some good printers to look at for homes or offices:
  • Epson XP-2100: For about $150, the XP-2100 delivers a compact design and the all-in-one features of printing, scanning, copying, and so on. It’s got a 100-sheet capacity and connects to computers and smartphones. On the negative side, it’s not very fast and doesn’t have an auto-duplex feature (where it can print on both sides of a page to save money).
  • HP M15w: At just over $100, this HP printer’s not only relatively cheap, it’s also very small. It lacks a duplex feature and doesn’t have a display monitor.
  • Canon Pixma MG3650S: For people who want plenty of features and Canon’s reputation for photo-quality reproduction, the Canon Pixma MG series appears to check lots of boxes. For less than $200, it offers decent speed, excellent reproductive quality, and all-in-one features.

Why Should You Protect Your Printer with an Extended Warranty?

Today’s printers come with an amazing array of features. They can connect wirelessly to all sorts of devices, print, copy, scan, and sometimes, even send faxes or emails directly from itself. Still, they’re a complex and often fragile collection of both mechanical and electronic components. Sometimes, users can troubleshoot minor issues; however, it’s also common for printers to need repairs.
Upsie offers comprehensive but budget-friendly printer extended warranties. Even more, they’re available to anybody who has purchased a printer within the past 60 days. That means there’s no reason to make an impulsive warranty decision at the sales counter. Upsie also offers warranty plans for other electronics, along with helpful articles like buying tips for laptops and tablets.
Unlike many warranty companies, Upsie even includes protection against such common accidents as spills, drops, and cracked screens. They provide 24-7 customer claims online or by phone call to live representatives. It only takes a couple of minutes to buy and register a warranty online with Upsie.

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