Demystifying the Confusing Lenovo Extended Warranty Options

If you’re considering purchasing a new Lenovo computer (or if you’ve recently done so), you may have taken a look at Lenovo’s extended warranty options. Protecting a new computer purchase with an extended warranty is usually a good idea, after all.
If you went to look for information on their plan, how did it go? Most people have a hard time finding good information, and what they do find is downright confusing.
Upsie cares about people understanding extended warranties. To help demystify Lenovo’s confusing extended warranty options Upsie trawled through the Lenovo forums and even Reddit to get to the bottom of their offerings and the service they provide.
If you don’t want to bother with something so confusing, there is an easier way. Check out Upsie’s simple, easy-to-understand, and transparent Lenovo laptop extended warranties. There’s nothing confusing or tricky, just great warranty coverage.

Lenovo’s Service Plan Levels

According to one warranty holder who did an incredible amount of research, Lenovo has three levels of service plans.


Their basic level of service is called Depot service. If your laptop fails, drop it into a box or mailing sleeve, slap on a label, and ship it off to Lenovo’s depot. There, techs will attempt to determine the problem. If they find a problem and deem it covered, they will ostensibly fix it and return it to you.
On the surface, this sounds fine when it works. But if you’ve ever had a bad experience with this model of service, you’re already running the other way.
Basically, everything can go wrong. There can be mail delays. The techs may not find or be able to replicate your problem or they may find a problem but claim it’s not covered. The process can stretch on for weeks, with tons of back and forth on the phone. With Upsie you can have your machine repaired locally at a certified facility as soon as the next day!

On-Site/NBD On-Site

The other two tiers of service are very similar. With either of these, a technician will come to you and fix your machine on site (at your house or your office). The difference between the two is how quickly the tech is promised to get there. NBD stands for “next business day,” meaning the tech will (usually) show up the following business day to your reporting the problem. Non-NBD means you might have to wait up to a week.
It’s important to note that these service plans cover only manufacturer defects. That’s it. If you want additional coverages, you have to add them on.

Lenovo’s Warranty Add-Ons

Lenovo offers you the option of paying more to add on these additional services.

Accidental Damage Protection

If you want to be protected from accidents (from drops to spilled drinks to just about anything), you must add this coverage. Some customers expect that the basic extended warranty has this coverage, but it doesn’t. Upsie’s plans come with accidental damage built in!

Sealed Battery Coverage

Battery failure happens, and Upsie warranties cover it, but not Lenovo’s. If you want battery coverage beyond the first year basic warranty, you have to pay extra for it.

Keep Your Drive

If you have sensitive information on your hard drive and you don’t want Lenovo to keep your drive, you have to pay extra for the privilege. Again, not with Upsie.

Lenovo Warranty Pricing

If you’re wondering about Lenovo’s warranty pricing, you’re not alone. The company is tight-lipped. Just about the only way to find out about pricing is to buy a Lenovo computer or to contact their chat with purchase details you can ask about.
That’s some seriously opaque pricing. In contrast, at Upsie, you get the most transparent pricing imaginable. Seriously: just put in the purchase price of your laptop, and you can see total pricing right this second.


Lenovo’s customer service on warranty claims is at best a mixed bag. Some users in Lenovo’s own forums have had tremendously poor experiences. Lenovo does seem to cater more toward business clients than individuals, and getting a claim processed can be tricky if something goes wrong. You’re also locked in to their repair model, either depot or on-site so you can’t get your computer repaired by someone you trust.
In contrast, Upsie allows you to ship your computer in for repair (with a prepaid shipping label and box that’s sent to your doorstep) or have it repaired locally at a certified facility.
We think the choice is clear. Upsie offers better service, better transparency and better value. Get an Upsie extended warranty for your new Lenovo today.

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