Common Lenovo Laptop Problems and Solutions?

Finding the right laptop can take more effort than comparing spec sheets and prices. It’s also prudent to research a manufacturer’s reputation for quality and typical problems that other customers have experienced. For instance, Laptop Mag ranked Lenovo as a top-tier computer manufacturer; however, they mentioned that consumer experiences could vary quite a bit between different models. As one might expect, their top-of-the-line computers got ranked much higher for quality than the cheaper ones.

Common Lenovo Laptop Problems And Potential Troubleshooting Solutions

Lenovo produces all sorts of laptops, from top-tier two-in-one models to very inexpensive Chromebooks. With that in mind, here are some potential troubleshooting solutions for common issues with Lenovo laptops.

Poor Performance Problems

According to Lenovo, some users find their computers stop performing well after a time They may freeze up or simply take longer than expected to respond to a command. According to Lenovo, this steps very often clear up the problem:
  1. Try restarting the computer: Very often, restarting the computer will help close processes to free up resources.
  2. Check for updates: If it’s a Windows computer, use Windows Updates. Also, find the Lenovo System Update to apply the most current fixes.
  3. Check recent software: If the problem started after installing recent software, see if removing it fixes the problem.
Some third-party software may also help free up storage and resources to resolve performance problems. As an example, CCleaner now offers the System Health Check free for personal use. This software deletes tracking files, removes junk, helps disable unnecessary programs, and closes security loopholes that may downgrade performance. CCleaner started as a Windows app; however, they also have an extension in the Chrome Store for Lenovo Chromebooks.

A Blank Screen

Resolving a blank screen might require professional repairs. On the other hand, users can try to diagnose some sources of this problem on their own first. Try these steps:
  • Press the Windows, CTRL, Shift, and B keys at the same time. This forces a connection reset and might restart the display
  • Sometimes, peripherals (mouse, microphone, etc.) can cause a problem. Try disconnecting any peripherals to see if that fixes it.
  • Try a hard reset by shutting off the device, removing the battery, letting the computer rest for 60 seconds, and then reinserting the battery and turning it back on.

Why Buy a Lenovo Laptop Extended Warranty?

Typical computer owners can resolve some common problems with Lenovo computers. In addition, most of these machines have earned a decent reputation as affordable, durable machines. Still, even good laptops have plenty of electronic and mechanical parts and are particularly vulnerable to accidental damage simply because they’re often used as mobile devices.
Often, common problems with keyboards, screens, power, and connections may need professional repairs. While some issues may arise from defects, they’re often caused by wear, accidents, or power surges.
Meanwhile, Lenovo’s manufacturer warranty protects customers only against defects in workmanship and parts. It even specifically excludes such common sources of damage as accidents, spills, and power surges. Even worse, these kinds of incidents may damage more than one part of the computer and can generate high, unexpected repair bills.

Why Choose an Upsie Extended Warranty for Lenovo Laptops?

The expense of unexpected computer repairs make it worth it to get an extended Lenovo warranty for protection against just one incident. Look at just a few benefits of Upsie extended warranties for Lenovo computer:
  • For just pennies a day, an Upsie laptop warranty will protect Lenovo laptops against: defects, accidental drops, spills, cracked screens, and much more. If it doesn’t make sense to repair the computer, Upsie may offer to replace it.
  • Each warranty comes with 24/7 claims service and a choice of local or Upsie-paid mail-in service by a certified repair facility.
  • Even better, Upsie Lenovo extended warranties cost less than those provided by most retailers.
Besides new Lenovo laptops, Upsie also covers many other brands of new and even used laptops. With this kind of protection, it’s easy to figure out how to get computer problems fixed – just call Upsie!

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