MacBook Versus Windows Laptops

Both Microsoft and Apple are two of the leading laptop manufacturers in the world. Microsoft is the dominant manufacturer, with over 76% of the market share, while Apple holds closer to 15%. So, how do these laptops compare side-by-side?

MacBook Versus Windows Laptops: Operating System

MacBooks come preinstalled with macOS, Apple’s signature operating system. The interface is clean, modern, and user-friendly. In addition, MacBooks will come with creative apps, such as iMovie, GarageBand, and Apple Music. For additional apps, you can go to Apple’s App Store and find thousands of approved apps.

The Windows operating system has a more traditional feel. However, recent updates have made the Windows operating system more similar to macOS with a new taskbar and clean home page. Even with the new updates to the Windows operating system, it is still unique from macOS. Windows laptops also include Sticky Notes, Teams, Translator, and Xbox gaming.

Both operating systems have great security and protection against malware. When you purchase a MacBook or Windows laptop, the device comes with antivirus protection and encryption for your data. However, some reviewers believe that MacBooks are less vulnerable to malware.

Another thing to note is that both interfaces are easy to customize. You can change the background, colors, accents, and switch from light to dark mode.

MacBook Versus Windows Laptops: Design

MacBooks have a classic design that has little variation from one model to another. You’ll find the classic Apple logo located squarely in the center of the lid, rounded edges, and butterfly or scissor switch keyboards. When choosing between MacBooks, you have limited options. Apple currently sells the following models:

  • MacBook Air
  • MacBook Pro

The models vary in size and processor. For example, the MacBook Air 2020 comes with the Apple M1 chip, while the MacBook Air 2022 comes with the M2 chip. However, the look, color options, and designs all look incredibly similar.

In contrast, you’ll find much more variety with Windows laptops since many laptop manufacturers employ Windows with their devices. The following brands use the Windows operating system:

  • MSI
  • Microsoft
  • ASUS
  • Dell
  • Samsung
  • Acer

You can purchase a professional Windows laptop with an edge-to-edge screen or a Windows gaming laptop with bright colors and RGB lighting – there are endless options. When it comes to variety and customization options, Windows laptops are the clear winner.

MacBook Versus Windows Laptops: Compatibility

Windows laptops are compatible with a wider range of third-party software and applications (which is also what puts these devices more at risk for malware attacks). For example, you can run custom business applications, as well as Android and Linux applications.

Although Windows laptops have more options, MacBooks are high quality and popular among those in creative fields. MacBooks are great for art students, graphic designers, animators, and video editors. The M1 and M2 chips ensure that the device processes information smoothly and efficiently, allowing artists and designers to work quickly with high-quality images and videos.

So, creative individuals might feel more drawn toward MacBooks, while business professionals might prefer Windows laptops.

Which Is More Affordable?

Because you have access to a wider range of choices with Windows Laptops, you’ll also find more affordable options. For example, you can purchase an HP 14 laptop for just $229 with Windows 11. The most affordable Apple MacBook on the market costs over $800. However, you can purchase refurbished MacBooks for much less.

Should You Purchase a MacBook or Windows Laptop?

Both laptops come with a list of pros and cons, and you can find great MacBook deals and quality Windows laptops. In the end, the choice will come down to personal preference. Also, note that Android phones tend to be more compatible with Windows laptops, while Apple iPhones are compatible with MacBooks.

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