Why the Manufacturer Laptop Warranty Is Not Enough

Buy a new laptop and you likely get the benefit of a manufacturer laptop warranty. But what exactly does that cover — and is it enough? Turns out, for the average user, manufacturer’s warranties hardly scratch the surface when it comes to protecting your technology investment. Learn more about extended laptop warranties and why you might want to get additional coverage beyond a manufacturer’s warranty.

What Does a Manufacturer Laptop Warranty Cover?

Most manufacturer warranties cover your product against defects in workmanship and materials. Essentially, if the laptop doesn’t work because it wasn’t put together properly or if it malfunctions under “normal” use, the manufacturer might repair or replace it. These warranties are often only for terms of up to one year.
Manufacturer warranties are great because, if you shell out hundreds or thousands of dollars on complex technology, you expect it to work as advertised. However, you might want more than that basic level of protection. That’s where a warranty from Upsie comes in to save the day.

What Don’t Manufacturers Cover?

If you use the laptop outside of what the manufacturer considers “normal use,” repairs may not be covered. For example, Apple notes that its warranty is in effect for devices that are “used in accordance with Apple’s user manuals.”
Manufacturer’s warranties don’t typically cover issues beyond those that are directly related to defects. Lenovo’s warranty language provides a detailed look at what these types of plans don’t cover. Examples include damage caused by an accident or issues caused by the use of third-party products or software.
So, imagine that you spend $1,000 on a laptop. In a rush to get to work, you drop it. The screen is cracked and you can no longer see what is displayed on it. Unfortunately, that’s not the manufacturer’s problem because drops are not covered by the limited manufacturer laptop warranty
You could be stuck on the hook for $1,000 worth of machinery you can’t even use! The same scenario applies to other accidents such as spills. In this case, you are responsible for paying an additional $1,000 for a new laptop.
Unless you have an Upsie laptop warranty that includes accident protection from drops and spills.

Upsie Stands in the Gap to Protect Your Technology Investment

If you want more protection than a manufacturer’s warranty offers, consider a warranty from Upsie.
The cost of Upsie laptop coverage varies based on the cost of your laptop and the number of years of coverage. A two-year warranty for a $450 laptop will cost $81.99, and a three-year warranty for a $1,900 high-end laptop will cost $314.99 total for this coverage. It’s a one-time expense that covers your laptop for two or three years — up to three times as long as some of the manufacturer warranty plans. And Upsie plans don’t leave you hanging with expensive repairs or replacements because of a minor accident. Some of the things covered under these extended laptop warranties include:
  • Drops, including cracks to screens and hardware
  • Liquid damage, including if your laptop takes an accidental tumble into the pool or tub
  • Power failures and shorts
  • Failures to internal parts, including manufacturer’s defects
  • Failure of connectivity due to defects
  • RAM failure
  • Screen issues, including dead pixels and burn-in

How Does a Laptop Repair Work?

Two-day shipping to the repair center and back is included in Upsie’s laptop plan. You can also choose to have your laptop repaired locally at a certified repair center. If you have a MacBook, you can even bring it to a Genius Bar. And, if repairs aren’t feasible or are too costly, your entire laptop can be replaced under the plan.
All you pay at the time of a repair or replacement is a $25 deductible.
Consider the savings for a repair, such as the replacement of a cracked screen. PCWorld says the average estimate for this type of work can be $150 to $300. It’s possible to buy a screen for $80 or more and DIY the job, but you run the risk of creating additional damage.
Or, you can pay $25 and enjoy the peace of mind of having your laptop repaired by experts. And if anything else happens within your warranty period, you can just file another claim. Customers can make unlimited claims up to the purchase price of the device.
For the cost of a specialty pizza and soda, you can get your laptop fixed and connect again with the digital world. That’s not a perk your manufacturer’s warranty offers, but it’s one that makes investing in an Upsie warranty well worth the up-front cost.

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Updated 3/21/2022

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