Yes, You Should Purchase a Warranty for Your Laptop

What’s worse than realizing your brand-new laptop died on you only a few months after buying it? Realizing that you’re now stuck trying to get it repaired through the manufacturer warranty. Or, worse yet, being forced to pay out of pocket if the manufacturer denies the repair. Another common issue that laptop owners run into is having the device start giving them problems shortly after the manufacturer’s warranty expires. In this article we’ll go over the advantages of purchasing an Upsie laptop warranty for added protection.

The Problem With Manufacturer Warranties

Have you ever looked at a manufacturer’s warranty? They’re not written in a clear and concise manner. It can be hard to decipher what is and is not covered. After getting through the dense language, many people end up discovering their problem doesn’t fall under the terms of the manufacturer warranty’s coverage. So you’re stuck trying to come up with the money to pay for repairs out of your own pocket.
Upsie warranties cover a lot of the things that the manufacturer warranty does not. Their policy is simple and easy to understand because they tell you what is and isn’t covered. Upsie makes all warranty documents available online for viewing, which simplifies the claims process when an incident occurs. Lastly, the Upsie representatives help you get your laptop repaired quickly.

The Benefits of Purchasing an Upsie Laptop Warranty

A lot of people avoid purchasing extra coverage for their laptop because of the price. Most retailers charge hundreds for an extended laptop warranty that lasts two to three years. And remember, prices do not include deductibles.
With Upsie, you get the cost savings of the plan upfront and a lower deductible when you need to make a claim later. Upsie laptop deductibles are lower than the price point of every other warranty provider on the market!
For example, a competitor has a $150 deductible when you send your laptop in for repairs.  With Upsie, you only pay $25 for the same claim. And, if Upsie can’t fix your issue, they cover the cost of a replacement. That way, you’re not left without a laptop for too long.

What’s Covered Under an Upsie Warranty?

Here’s a rundown of the major benefits provided by an Upsie laptop Warranty.
  • More Time to Make a Purchase Decision – Upsie allows customers to purchase a policy up to 60 days after the initial purchase. That means more time to consider the pros and cons of buying laptop insurance.
  • Accidental Protection – Upsie’s accidental protection means you don’t have to panic if you end up cracking the screen on your laptop. Upsie also covers any repairs needed to fix issues resulting from accidentally spilling liquid on your laptop or submerging it in water.
  • Payment for Round-trip Shipping – Upsie covers the shipping costs for repairs. They even provide customers with a box and 2-day shipping if they prefer to send out the laptop for repairs.
  • Coverage for Local Repair Services – Upsie laptop warranties cover repairs performed by local certified service centers. Yes, Apple lovers can take their MacBooks into a Genius Bar for all covered claims.
  • No Claim Limits – Upsie customers may submit an unlimited number of claims during their warranty period, up to the value of their device.
  • Excellent Customer Service – With Upsie you’ll speak with a live human being every time you contact our customer service center over the phone.
Upsie places the needs of its customers over profits.
Learn more about Upsie laptop warranty insurance by visiting their site. Call Upsie at (877) 844-7745 if you have more questions about their laptop insurance policies.

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Updated 3/21/2022

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